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made a payment to PayPal Credit on Fri 18th Aug, but the transaction only showed up at the Starling end on Wed 23rd Aug?


PayPal embargoing Starling Bank?

Looking at the screen scrape you’ve provide, it seems you made that payment to PayPal via direct debit rather than debit card…? Worth checking in your Starling app how the payment was claimed. If indeed it was made by direct debit then those timescales are about right.


No, it was a payment via the PayPal website (using


I agree with Rob… If it was paid for by Debit card unless you were using pay after delivery there would be an authorisation immediately to your debit card that you will would have had a Starling alert for.

The screen scrap suggests two things, the numbers reference suggest a debit from an account. If those digits correspond to the last four digits of your account number it will have been debited by Direct Debit.

PayPal can be a little odd on which method (card/Direct Debit) it selects particularly if you haven’t at time of purchase reviewed the payment details PayPal has selected. For example l had three Uber payments processed via Direct Debit but had a couple of all transactions debit my debit card. PayPal frustrates me in that respect.

You’ve also got a reference to PayPal Credit which their credit product, maybe as part of the purchase you triggered that…


Useful insight, thanks er…dinky? :grinning:


see reply above :expressionless: not a Direct Debit.


You are asking a question to the community and the community can respond only based on their knowledge and experience. You may be best asking a question of Customer Service via in app Instant Messenger, they’re always super helpful and responsive.

Couple of screen grabs illustrating my experience of PayPal…

This is a payment processed via Direct Debit

This is a payment processed via my Debit Card


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Looks like when you made the payment to ‘PayPal Credit’ they didn’t seek authorisation at the time (hence no notification in your app) and the first Starling was aware of the transaction was when ‘presented’ to Starling on the 23rd.

Nothing Starling can do about this as it is up to the merchant/ merchant bank how to process a payment (Authorising then Presenting or just Presenting).


I think I agree with @dinkyinki to the explanation on PayPal. I tend to find that my PayPal always defaults to direct debit and I have to change to pay by card.


Hi again. I had a small balance on my PayPal Credit account that wasn’t scheduled to be paid until the end of September, but I thought I would try to replicate what I think you did.

I went into my PayPal app, to the PayPal Credit screen, and selected “Make a Payment”. On the next screen I chose “Current balance”, and confirmed the payment on the following screen with STARLING BANK LTD (2193) as the payment source, choosing today’s date (which was last Saturday). Below shows the confirmation of the payment:

A few days went by, and yesterday (31 August) the transaction was taken from my Starling Bank account via direct debit:

Are you quite sure your payment wasn’t taken by direct debit? Or did you do something different from what I’ve outlined here?


Have a look at the Starling transaction details in the app, as, along with other members here, I think that when you submitted the payment to PayPal credit, PayPal defaulted to using your bank account for payment, not a debit card. This would have been a Direct Debit transaction, PayPal sets up a Direct Debit mandate when you confirm your bank account with them, something that is required for PayPal Credit as far as I know.

The screenshot you have uploaded shows the last 4 digits of your Starling Bank Account I think, which is another sign that it has been requested via DD (had it been a Debit card transaction, that number would be the last 4 digits of your Debit card and there would be a description on the page saying something like STARLING MCARD rather than STARLING BANK).

As far as I know, unless you tell it otherwise on every transaction, PayPal uses the following hierarchy for obtaining funds:

  1. PayPal Balance
  2. Default Bank account via Direct Debit
  3. Default Debit or Credit Card


In case anyone is interested, presently you cannot pay your PayPal Credit account via the PayPal app using your Starling debit card.

I have now tried to make two payments via the app to my PayPal Credit account and both times they failed with an email arriving two days later advising my payment was unsuccessful.

I telephoned PayPal Credit to find out what’s going on. They told me PayPal’s own internal payment system has a hard time distinguishing MasterCard debit cards from MasterCard credit cards. It is something they are aware of and are working to fix.

My PayPal wallet includes:

  • my Starling bank account
  • my Starling MasterCard debit card
  • my Tesco Bank MasterCard credit card

Interestingly, the PayPal app does not include my credit card as a payment option (which makes sense - you cannot pay credit with credit). But their back-end payment system remains unable to discern some MasterCard debit cards from credit cards.

So if you really want to pay your PayPal Credit using your Starling Bank debit card you can do so using the telephone - that’s a different system entirely which properly recognises the Starling MasterCard as a debit card. Alternatively, just select your Starling bank account and the payment will be taken a few days later by direct debit.

As I say, PayPal is aware of the problem.

PayPal embargoing Starling Bank?
Online credit repayment

Well, they still haven’t fixed it.

Just had the same thing happen to me, know the card details are right as they debited me £1 to verify the card. I know funds were there but just got an email later. annoying as hell, plus I would expect them to be able to take instant payments as they do with eBay purchases… Well, to be fair I’d expect them to accept BACS / Faster Payments too if they’re offering credit - no way for us to push money to them, but relying on them pulling it from our accounts, they screw up, and it’s our credit rating affected.


I just found this thread. I can confirm there is still an issue. I pay my balance with Starling Card, got the confirmation screen on the app (“We’ll update your account as soon as this payment has been processed.”). Next day I got the email that payment has failed. The same thing every month. No reasons why.


This appears to still be a thing. Advice please?


Thanks - I’ll follow up with the team on this one!