PayPal account, Card Vs Bank Account


Hi everyone. Can’t find an answer in the forum to this. Just wondering, Paypal give me an option to add my bank account or card details for future payments.
Is either card or account details better than the other? I read somewhere card details may make purchases quicker, but are there any other advantages? Are refunds or fees affected by either? Will I get notified via Starling app just as quick when I purchase using either method in PayPal?


You will need an account linked if you ever try and withdraw cash from your PayPal account


When you make a paypal purchase using your account details this will be collected by Direct Debit and as such you will not get the instant notification of it as that won’t be processed for a few days


That is why you need both account and card linked…card for payments, account for withdrawals


Thanks, I’ll just add both types then I’m covered.


If you make purchases by direct debit you’ll have no details of the transaction(s) on your statement/spending. That goes for every bank I’ve used. It will literally just say PayPal. Paying by card every time shows who you made the payment to specifically.


Older thread I know but my question is related. If wanted to buy something in Euros or Dollars for example through PayPal, how do I take advantage of Starlings MasterCard rate and avoid PayPal’s exchange rate? Same question if using my Starling card to buy from an overseas Amazon? Cheers.


I believe this is down to the individual merchant. PayPal converts it before charging the card, and I’d imagine Amazon does too, so it will always use their rate.

Although someone please feel free to correct me!


I think I’ve worked it out. You can manage funding sources from your PayPal account. Mine shows a visa debit card, a Mastercard debit card and two bank accounts. For the debit cards you can choose whether to let PayPal exchange currencies for payments or let Visa/MasterCard do it. I’ve changed it so my Starling MasterCard uses the MasterCard exchange rate. I’m pretty certain this is a much better rate.

Hope this helps someone save some money. :yum:


Oh wow - I didn’t know about that! Thanks for sharing! Think I’ll just had on over to PayPal and change it :wink:


Yeah it got me thinking. Funding PayPal with Starling you really want to take advantage of no fees and the MasterCard rate. Paypal’s default setting completely removes the benefits of Starling.


Here is the link as it’s impossible to find for perhaps obvious reasons…


Thanks for this just changed it on paypal.


You’re welcome. Amazon also has a currency converting tool. I’d suggest turning this off if you fund Amazon payments with your Starling Card. That way if buying from for instance, you will pay in Euros and pay no fees. :yum: Otherwise you will pay in Amazon’s GBP equivalent.:unamused:


I try never to use a merchant or processors exchange rate if using my Starling card, most big sites allow you to choose the currency you use, for example Paypal, Amazon, Alixpress, Wish, and many more all allow you to choose local currency rather than GBP.

Sometimes they make it hard to find the setting, but many of the big foreign sites, you select the currency from a drop down tab in the corner of the page, which is easily missed.


Thanks for this information. I have just added my Stirling card to PayPal as the conversion options don’t exist just using my Stirling bank account.


No problem. I noticed the same. I used to use my NatWest account for PayPal. Starling Debit card is the way to go for instant notifications, detailed transactions, free fees and the best exchange rate.