Payments to other banks


I have sent a payment to my Monzo account which was opened yesterday . I expected to receive it instantly as i do with payments to my starling account. Where is the delay coming from? Starling or monzo?


Is it a Monzo current account?


Yes. Current account should be instant, prepaid will be the next business day


Hi @Rav, as long as the correct sort-code and account number was used, then there should be no delays sending funds from your Starling account.
If you have concerns, please get in touch via the app.


Yes it was to a monzo current account


Correct sort code and account number was used but the payment hasn’t arrived! I’ll give it a bit more time then will get in touch with CS


Payments are generally instant but can take hours. I went through this with my first payment to my Starling account, it took a few hours to arrive however every payment since has been received in about 2-10 seconds.


I’ve done plenty of transfers between Monzo and Starling (both directions) and to my other half’s Starling and Monzo accounts (and Barclays, Halifax, NatWest, Santander) and they’ve always been instant and never had a problem.

As @MIROW has already pointed out, the prepaid account was NBD.


Just to clarify I eventually received a payment notification from Monzo - my phone seemed to have a data connection problem (although was displaying as if it was fine) so after restarting my phone it fixed the data connection problem and I suddenly got the notification from Monzo! So looks like there were no problems with Monzo or Starling, just my mobile phone :grin:


Glad Monzo and Starling were working fine. A bit annoying that your phone was misbehaving though!


A lesson for us all?

That old “turn it off and on again” trick :+1:


In theory the payment could’ve been held up for manual review, but as far as I know neither Starling nor Monzo do so, it’s only really a problem for legacy banks.