Payments/Spending Suggestions


Just some thoughts I’ve had re payments and spending in the app, after using it for a few days.

First, I wonder if these should be combined into the same navigation menu option? Although I know that Spending is retrospective and Pay is future, I find the terms interchangeable in my head, which often leads me to select the wrong option.

The ‘Pay’ screen already has two sub-options, ‘Scheduled’ and ‘Payees’ and I wonder if moving the ‘Spending’ option to become a third part here would make sense? In that way, you’d have past spending listed a swipe across from scheduled payments and the option to make a new payment.

Second is to do with the scheduled payments screen itself. I would find it useful if the list of upcoming payments could be collapsed into daily groups. So, if I have a list of scheduled standing order payments coming out on a single day, these would be summed together so that I can see at a glance that on that day, I have X amount coming out of my account. Clicking on that group can then show the breakdown. I know this might not be able to include direct debits as they can vary from payment to payment.

Finally, something that probably won’t pop up too often as I get my account more established, but the requirement for the full account password when editing payee details is a minor irritation. I understand it is necessary for adding/editing actual account details, things that affect where money is being transferred to, but I edited some payees to add images and to tweak the display names and was still prompted, despite as far as I can tell, these only being for my reference.


Hi @ben2018

You raise some great points. We have these as two separate tabs, mainly as “Spending” is more focused on giving you analytics of your spending, but “Pay” is more focused on allow you to make transfers. This might be a little too much all on one screen. That said, we recognise that your transfers should be included in Spending Insights and we’re working on this.

As you’ll see in this thread, it’s quite difficult to work out exactly when certain payments will be as this can change at anytime. That said, we recognise this and we’re working to improve the experience of payments.

There’s quite a few discussions already around passwords too, see here for some of the updates we’re working on: Changes to Touch ID/Fingerprint to Login


That’s a good point about the Spending tab being more analytical, and makes sense considering it’s a monthly breakdown by category or merchant. I didn’t consider that point as I find the analytical screen better than the traditional per-transaction list given when swiping up from the home screen, and tend to use it in its place.

Perhaps a tweak to its name would be all that’s needed - Analytics rather than Spending. This would also allow the option to open up at a later date for different types of analysis, if that’s what Starling choose to do e.g., income versus outgoings, where ‘Spending’ perhaps is a little too limited.

I think for me, the reason I get a bit hung up on choosing the right option, is because I think of spending money, rather than making a payment and hence, I often select the Spending option when I should be selecting Pay. But with the revised consideration, it’s a minor usability point really, of course, and doesn’t make a huge difference.

I certainly appreciate the difficulties with variable outgoings through Direct Debits where both the value and date might change. However, standing orders are fixed (unless I’m mistaken) so, it should be theoretically easy to group just those.

It would just make it a little easier to be able to look at the scheduled payments screen and say, for example, “I’ve got £80 of standing orders coming out tomorrow” rather than looking at a list of those standing orders which I have to add up to know roughly how much will be left in my account “tomorrow.”

I suppose even if these were grouped by payee, that would significantly reduce the number for me. My use case is that I have a number of external savings accounts for different things and use standing orders to pay into them the day after I get paid. So, I have six standing orders, all with me as the payee. If it just gave the payee name and the sum of all standing orders going to that payee on a single date, that would simplify the list massively.


Regarding the user experience you describe for upcoming payments - I agree that would be a very useful. It’s certainly something we’d like to have one day. :slight_smile: