Payments - references and confirmation before sending


Is there anyway to not automatically fill the last payment reference by default and to prompt to confirm the details before sending payments?

As an example when transferring money to Wealthify a specific reference is required - this isn’t always the same but because Starling remembers the previous payment reference and inputs it by default and doesn’t prompt to confirm the details before sending it’s very easy to miss that you’ve not updated the payment reference before sending.

Obviously remembering previous payment references is hugely useful but it would be great if it didn’t fill the last reference in by default but simply had the previous references available to select when you clicked into the blank reference box. It would also be great to have a final confirmation screen before sending showing all the details.


could you work around this, I believe, by adding the account details to the payee again but using a different reference?

Disclaimer. I’ve not checked this


I like having it filled in automatically and works for all my payments, but I can see why it wouldn’t in your particular case.


Sure - this is only an example though - the problem being there are a number of other services/people where the references required change. Even when sending to friends I continually use the previous reference by mistake making it difficult to know why I sent what and a pain for them to know what the money was for. The UI isn’t designed to help avoid these kind of simple errors. If it kept a record of your last used references but didn’t auto enter one by default that would help at least…


Sure, but I can see the use case for both approaches.