Payment UI Animation confusing


Hi there,

I have 5 payees set up, so that’s a row of 3 and a row of 2 in the payee list.

If I click the second one (middle top row) and make a payment when I go back to the payee screen it whooshes the screen into the first one on the second row so I think I’ve just payed that one, seems to go to the correct one if I just go to the payee and don’t make a payment though.

It does the same with the first one on the second row, zooms back out into the second one of the top row.

It really makes me doubt I’ve paid the right payee, every single time.


Hi @patrick
Not sure this has been flagged previously. Can you confirm please ?


Thanks for sharing @trinode.
Are you using an iOS or android device?
Will share this with our devs.


@patrick iOS


Hi @trinode I’ve tried to replicate this issue this morning but I’m not seeing what you’ve described. After making a payment, and closing the payee screen I am returned to the payee hub and the screen lightly animates back to the original payee I had selected. Do you mind logging this via CS so we can check your app version and OS? Thanks!


@sarah.guha we were able to replicate this. Bug logged.
@trinode thanks for reporting :+1:


Hey is this still in the backlog? It’s been a while now and it’s still occurring.


Yes, its in technical debt list.