Payment status


One thing I’ve always liked about barclays, you can tell when a payment is pending, or accepted by the payee or bank.

When checking your transaction history at starling it doesn’t give you any indication of the payment has been received or is pending!

For example I did one earlier, but looking at the transaction I would have no idea if they have got it. As you can see in the screenshot.


Pending Payments

Hi @daedal,

Starlink Bank offers every customer FASTER payments. This means that paying from your current account to any UK account is a live payment (from 20 min to max 2 hours in reality), something that Barclays or other legacy banks would only offer to business accounts, asking for a fat fee of circa £20 per payment.

The payment you’ve made has therefore never been pending from being debited from your account, it has cleared as soon as you pushed pay + the few seconds to process it.

On the opposite, any card payment is created in “pending” status in the starling app, before being cleared.

Hope this helps.


Barclays don’t charge personal customers for Faster Payments and it’s always the default option, unless the receiving bank doesn’t support Faster Payments.

@daedal is quite right in saying that Barclays provide tracking for Faster Payments.

After sending a payment, you can begin tracking the payment, and it will generally change from “Pending” to “Accepted”, usually within a few seconds.

“Accepted” usually means the funds have been credited to the customer.

Starling will also have access to these status messages from the Faster Payments system, but it just comes down to whether they wish to include them in the app.


To be fair over few years I’ve banked with Santander, Lloyd’s and Nationwide, all of those have processed via faster payments. I think there maybe some confusion with CHAPS which is sometimes used for high value urgent transactions like house purchases.


Nationwide also show the status, the status is useful as delays can occur at the recieving end too (system down, overloaded, or fraud checks)


There has been a number of times Barclays giving me the payment status has helped.

The most recent one, was when RBS had a problem there end, so Faster Payments went as normal BACS payments, only because Barclay’s inform you off the status did I know this.

Also a couple of banks don’t offer Faster Payments, again a message on the status of that payment states it will take a day to clear.


Agreed. Hopefully Starling will add payment status to the app in the future. :slight_smile:


I think what @daedal is trying to ask is a support for “pending”/ “cleared” status if a payment made via the starling app is to credit a Sort Code from a Bank which is not a member of the Faster Payment Service / or cannot process the payment as a FASTER payment and therefore will process the payment as a normal T+3 working days old BACS payment.

That would make sense, but would account for a fairly limited number of cases. It would be more interesting to deliver that piece of functionality as part of international payments support (99% of them clear T+3, requiring “pending”/“cleared” status tracking by default) which, from a cost/benefit viewpoint, would be more effective. Let’s leave it to the Starling guys :slight_smile:

PS: @Ben If you read my comment above, I was mentioning Business Accounts, not Personal Accounts.


My mistake. I thought you were referring to personal accounts. Apologies. :slight_smile:


With Barclays the payment type makes no difference, if its a faster payment, chaps, bacs, standing order or direct debit, you get the status of it. I was mentioning faster payments, because I have on a number of occasions come across the issue, and so have lots of people especially during all the RBS issues. Only with banks that notify you of the status do you know there is an issue.


makes total sense @daedal. The more transparent things are, the easier it will be for us, Starling Users/Customers to control our budgets/manage our money.

Just don’t forget that Legacy banks have statuses implemented all over the place as their processing was built in the past, where everything was processed in batches if not over several days (statuses required), with sometimes a need for human intervention (statuses required), which all lead to high errors rates (statuses required).

As far as I could see Starling is processing things “live” with a mission to simplify, declutter, streamline things at a low cost for them (and as a result for us). to clarify, implementing statuses for payments would only be cost-effective app-wide, once international payments will be live. But that’s not for me to decide, just sharing my thoughts.

Let’s see what the Starling guys come up with :slight_smile:


Is this a personal account and are you using iOS or Android. I have a Barclays account and my Android app isn’t showing this. Now I feel like I’m missing out!


I checked with my other half and he uses barclays ios app and doesn’t have there features.


I believe checking a payment status with Barclays involves using online banking and is a specific page you have to go to; it’s not shown in the transaction list.


@admdly is right - you can’t do this within the app.


I didn’t actually say it was in the app, although actually it is in the beta app.

It was more about the fact its a very useful feature for a bank to have. A few banks do have pending status, most show it in online banking a couple do it via the mobile banking app.


I do think Starling should do this as payments aren’t always instant and even Faster Payments can be delayed. I suspect this will come when international payments are brought onboard, but hopefully it may be sooner.

As for a Barclays beta app; I had no idea they even have one. How do you get that?


For starling I think it has to be faster payments, as I don’t believe they support sending payments via BACS


I randomly got an email inviting me to join the beta a couple of years ago. So no idea how you go about getting the beta now.


@daedal Starling is its beta at the moment.