Payment references


I send payments frequently online however I’m not able to store a reference number alongside my payee details stored in the app. Would there be an opportunity to change this to allow a reference to be saved to avoid having to find it every time. Thanks

Account Switching

I second this. When I overpay my mortgage or pay for my daughter’s childcare I need to use specific references so it comes off my bill.

I’ve not sent a payment yet so don’t know if when I choose a reference it sticks or not for next time but the above post suggests not.


Yes this would be really helpful…i’m surprised it isnt already a feature :slight_smile:


+1 from me too.

For me it’s a real pain this feature isn’t present already. If this gets added I’ll consider transferring over, but at the minute the app isn’t up to First Direct’s so I’d be going backwards at this point. I know your in beta and there’s lots going on, I know over time it’ll be great, but if this can be added soonest I’d be a whole lot happier!!


I’ve not moved over fully yet either for a few reasons; i don’t fully trust Sterling yet (but that is just me being old fashioned, i’m getting over that), there isn’t a current account Switch feature for Android, and lastly there are some really obvious features like this one that i would struggle without.

I’ve been using it like a cash card…putting a few hundred quid into the account a month and using it for day to day spending.


A great idea that will be really useful and convenient.


Also on this subject I’ve noticed that on statements it just shows the reference number of a faster payment. I’d sooner this shown the business I had sent to :slight_smile:


Thanks for the feedback everyone. This is very much on my radar, and hoping to get it built shortly. Thanks for your patience!


I hope you allow the option for both, maybe to make the reference “sticky” with a checkbox or remembering the last reference used? I can see where you’d want a reference to be the same all the time for Mortgages, etc but I also love the functionality that is available currently of changing the reference every time; the number of transfers I have between accounts that just say “Transfer” because it’s impossible/very difficult to change the reference per payment and then forgetting what’s it’s for is very annoying!


This is a feature that I’m waiting for before I shift my banking to Starling.


This is the one thing for me stopping a full move


I would love this functionality as well.


Really good point that I hadn’t appreciated until I looked at my payees. Defaulting to From:Name of Account Holder really doesn’t cut it. The last used description should be retained until edited.
Hope that this is a simple fix.


This is the only feature stopping me from moving over completely. I hope its in the next update :slight_smile:


Hopefully Starling are listening. If they can’t get this in the next update, I’d take cut and paste ability, at least that way I can cut and paste the last reference used. Then full reference number saving in the next update. It seems a bit odd that this was missed on the initial launch. A small but very necessary feature (for me at least!). It’s such a pain I’d not move over without it, it’d be a step backwards.


Reckon they are…:grinning:


I’m hoping so, it missed the last update, but I accept it’s a small thing in amongst the huge things happening behind the scenes at the moment. I’ll take the full plunge once this is here as I can’t think of anything else I need. Not bad for such a short time. Image what can happen in a few months/years if Starling have come this far already!! Good times ahead I think. Nice to have been in at the start.


Hi all,
The latest Android (0.18.5) release gives you the ability to reuse previous payment references! :tada:

iOS people - we’re working hard on improving the payment section in general, so this will be coming your way once that is ready. Thanks for your patience.


Good call, @Citibadger, whole-heartedly agree.


But still no payment references in the latest update. Android got it but iOS was a no show.