Payment references updated


So the new payments have improved the process, however i was wondering why the references still cannot be saved with payment details? Unless i am missing something?


Hey @Shaunr
The reference saves when you actually use it (i.e. make a payment). We’ve deemed this as a more flexible solution as it allows for both the use case of wanting to have one set reference for the payee, and the use case of needing to change it for different payments. We hope that you find this to be the case too!

We are of course open to feedback, so it would be interesting to know some scenarios and why you would prefer to save the reference at the time of payee creation rather than when making the payment. Would you still want to option to change this reference?


I understand that, however that is assuming I’m going to be able to remember what reference relates to an item. For example if i have multiple accounts with the same provider i need to be able to know which one is which, so i don’t send a payment to the wrong place because i Don’t know which 16 digit card relates to which account.

If i was able to apply a name to the account details including the reference, it would mean i could identify which account i was selecting to pay a lot easier.


When making payments to a personal account of someone the reference is not necessarily that important, as it’s only used to display on a statement. But when a payment is being sent to a company it is fundamental bit of information, as its used to apply the payment to the correct account.

As the reference is generally an account number or card number for example, it not always information that I’ll know without needing to look it up on a statement or some other document.


I have a call for Thursday with someone from the ux team, is it worth having a conversation with them about this?


Hi Shaun, You’re call is with Amber our UX Designer but I will make sure I join the call too and we can chat this through in more detail with you then. How does that sound?


Yeah, thats great thanks