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Hi everybody,

Just wanted to know if anyone else shared my feedback on the payment out User Experience in the Android Starling app.

To pay an existing payee, you are just 2 clicks away of sending anything from £2 up to £10.000 pounds via FASTER payments:

Select payee > Pay > capture amount > Pay

I am happy not to have to type any passwords to make a payment, I think that is a great advantage compared to our “beloved” legacy banks app. But shouldn’t we have some sort of validation step before clicking Pay? As in:

Select Payee > Pay > capture amount > confirm (recap screen) > Pay

The amount capture step is the first step on the payment capture screen, which makes users which aren’t familiar with the app more likely to type an amount and press pay, expecting there to be a next screen to specify a reference and a type (one-off/ recurring). Except there isn’t and the payment is gone! (this happened to me last week and my payment was £1440!!)

Adding a confirm (recap screen) would bring clarity and peace of mind, especially when it’s the first payment you are making.

Let me know what you guys think.



PS: it takes 20 days to get a payment dispute resolved under the FASTER Payment Scheme.

Add confirmation when paying existing payee

Sounds like a good idea @Alex_Wiaz


Always good practice to have a confirmation screen!

It’s a good job there is one on ATMS, I have been known to accidentally retype my pin when requesting other amount after one too many :confused:


I don’t know about iOS but on Android the icon at the top of the screen counts down for several seconds after you’ve hit pay where you can cancel and change things.

I’m happy with the way it works at the moment.


A count down isn’t the correct way to confirm a payment.

A timeout which defaults to no is the correct way, you should always have to tap pay and then confirm.


Hi, I’ve passed this one over to the product team! :blush:


The first time I made a payment from Starling, I sent my password as the reference. Quickly changed it :rofl:


Thanks James! In time, you might thank @Gareth_Wright, @Gallifreyangirl and myself as we would have reduced the number payments disputes for new customers, the ones you could easily loose. :slight_smile:


:joy: so easily done!


I was just testing out setting up a bank transfer to TransferWise, I was expecting to be asked to confirm the transfer, but before I knew it the transfer went.
Fortunately it was only £10, but could you consider adding one more step to confirm the transaction.


I test with lower values, such as £0.01 where possible.

I think the payment screens have changed since I looked at them last August. I’d need have another look.


I didn’t think the transfer was going to go through so I didn’t think about the amount. But it did bounce back into my account within an hour, so that was encouraging.


I know what you mean. Without a confirmation screen as such, it’s very easy to send payments with the wrong reference number etc. It’s possible to stop a payment after you’ve pressed pay but I’ve never had to do it so I don’t know how quick witted you have to be to make it happen.


Hi, Thanks for your feedback. It’s really interesting to hear this kind of feedback. On Android we have a quick tap to cancel option where as your payment is processing you can tap the profile image to stop the payment. This feature is not yet delivered on iOS but we hope to add it soon.

I’d be interested to hear from Android users if these feature is used, and a good addition?


Hi @sarah.guha, I think I used the feature once when I noticed I’d done an amount wrong.

I haven’t used it on iOS yet but do think it’s a handy feature and is less annoying that having an extra confirmation button.


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I frequently send money to a number of people each time requiring a different reference. Currently the user flow for paying an existing payee doesn’t provide for any confirmation of the amount, reference and date - it just sends the money. It would be great to have a simple confirmation page that also allowed you to edit the details before hitting send again. As it is it’s very easy to miss that the reference needed changing from the last time you sent that payee money.