Payment Page Bug (Android)


I’ve noticed what could be quite a serious bug in the payments section of the Android Starling Bank app.

I added another account under my own name/photo in the “Pay” section of the app today; under my name is now two accounts “Virgin Money” and “NatWest Savings.”

I decided, bearing that the NatWest Savings account was newly added to Starling that after selecting the option to “Pay” and adding the amount to transfer that I desired to look at my photo gallery to double check the NatWest accounts sort and account number.

Upon switching back to the Starling app, it automatically changes the payment destination to the first account in my list, this being “Virgin Money.”

I imagine such a bug could easily cause a payment to be sent into the wrong account.

Almost paid the incorrect account after switching apps

ooo good find!

So your saying that the destination payee account can change without user interaction after app switching out and back into the app?

hopefully @Graham or @JamesPratley can get this escalated!


Yes, this is exactly what I’m saying and it defaults to the first account in the list. I’ve only access to Android devices, so I’ve no idea if it’s the same on the iOS version?

I’m sure one of the Starling team would/will pick this up from my original post. :wink:


Spotted indeed @thom_horne - it’s with Sarah now.


Thanks @Graham :smile:


Thanks all, I will raise this one with the team.