Payment issues


Has anyone experienced any payment issues today at all? I made a purchase a couple of hours ago at Aldi using Google pay which shows on my phone but hasn’t been taken from my account and I haven’t had a notification. I’ve logged with CS but just wondering if anyone else has had any issues?


I’ve only used my card once today and that was in Tesco around 1:20pm. Have you refreshed the transaction list manually to see if that makes a difference?


I used it in a train today and normally the pending transactions shows instantly but so far not today. I spoke to cs who just said it should reflect “shortly”.

I have just assumed it must have been a bad signal on sale and will be processed in due course.


Used my card this afternoon and it took quite a while before it showed in my transactions, Pulse or balance.


Showed in my balance but I didn’t get any notifications for either transaction.

@StarlingSupport is there an issue with notifications this evening?


I been getting notifications issues for the weekend only started to work again this afternoon. I did log with Starling support but no response as of yet.


We are not aware of any notification issues but certainly something we are now actively looking into. Thank you for raising guys, we’ll look to get back with an update tomorrow.


Thanks @Oliver_Wright.


@Joe_Merriman yeah a few times. It’s showing on Google pay but nothing in starling.


Fair enough. Worth a try.


The payment has just gone out, unsure if this is a starling or Aldi issue but all sorted.


Mine came out a short while ago too.


We’ve had a look into the issues reported on this thread. It seems like a couple of separate issues the first of which stems from the processing of transactions offline. We are looking into the notification problems for those affected and you should receive a message via the app once we have an update.


Thanks @Oliver_Wright for this update. I’m definitely affected by the notification issues. I was told this has been address and will be in the coming update. From another post today from Megan Caywood, it was said that the next update will be issued tomorrow. Is this correct? And will this notification issue be resolved?


Just to let you know that an update has been issued today and fingers crossed the notifications should now be coming through. Do get in touch with @callum via the app if any problems.


Thanks @Oliver_Wright for the update.


Just used it at Sainsbury’s and was notified instantly.