Payment declined, money deducted from my account!


Yesterday I couldn’t pay with google pay and starling bank card at my local Chemist. I have 2 receipts with payment declined but money was DEDUCTED from my account (once). I had to pay with my legacy bank card!

I’ve send message to CS yesterday at 7 pm, no response !!
Really disappointing.



Hi Grzegorz, thanks for letting us know and hope that the issue has now been resolved.


It’s not resolved because CS didn’t replay!
So I still have this payment in my spending!


Hi Greg, I’ve flagged this with our customer service team who will be in touch!


Ha. That’s classic Starling customer service right there. Straight to “we hope it’s sorted” :joy:


Just to update my case. After a few days the payment was settled. So it’s not pending anymore. After the chat with CS they told me that merchant should have the money. Then I went to the Chemist and ask them to check if they have money for this declined transaction, a few days later they told me that they don’t have my money. So I’ve contacted CS once more and they told me that his is not their problem, and I only got all information regarding this payment on my email (including authorization number).
Can somebody tell me what can I do know to get my money back?
Any advice?
I thought that banks have to fix this kind of problems because they have every information / way of contact to other companies that could help to solve the issue.


@Charlotte_Lorimer - is this something that can be progressed off-line?


Hi @Greg,

I’ll be happy to look into this straight away for you. You should receive a message via the app shortly and I hope that I can help get this sorted for you.



Looks like @Oliver_Wright is on the case!


Yep, saw that. I was too quick off the mark - Oliver was even quicker :grinning:


I’ve got the in app message so hopefully He can figure out something:)


I had the very same issue at an ASDA. The contactless payment was declined, so I then payed usiing chip&pin, but the decliened payment was also taken from my account. Starling advised it was nothing to do with them. Took a week to get the money back.


How can Starling say it’s nothing to do with them?! That’s worrying if they take that attitude :scream:


For me it’s not a problem because it’s only 9 GBP, but I will do everything to get my money back. But what if this happens with bigger payment (let say 200-300 GBP?)

@ds4a so you only had pending transaction and it disappear after 1 week? The problem is that my payment was settled. I was hoping that it disappear after 1 week.


The circumstances would be different depending on whether or not the merchant has completed the transaction and collected the funds.

-If the merchant has collected the funds we have to follow a disputes process which will mean contacting the merchant as a first step (if the payment was knowingly authorised) to request a refund.

-If the amount is pending due to a break in the connection (which prevents the merchant from completing the payment) we normally advise that the payment will automatically reverse after 7 days. We understand however that in some circumstances this is an inconvenience when larger amounts are at stake. We are always happy to remove these allocations if a declined/voided receipt can be sent through or the merchant provides the authorisation code/ written acceptance that they will not collect the funds.

We are working on making some wider information available to explain how reversals work. But in the long term we would defiantly need to address a solution to this issue as it is a tough one to explain given that most users are used to legacy banking processes.


I am still waiting for 3 Tesco transactions to reverse! I tried to get a declined / voided receipt, but they are useless!


This all sounds very worrying, I don’t think in all my years i’ve had this issue with a payment/bank, is this a general issue or specific to Starling?




My issue was nothing to do with Starling, Tesco had issues Friday!


Replace “Friday”, with “everyday” and you nailed it :joy: