PayM service


Any news about adding paym service to starling very important feature and something I use a lot

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Agree, would be a really welcome addition.
Since Startling already works with Vocalink for the pay-by-app, I’d assume it won’t be too difficult to implement!


Would be great if you could


I agree… I used this feature a number of times when with First Direct. The fact it only needs a mobile number and the app can hook into the devices contacts make it a perfect fit with a mobile only banking product. It’s also not a walled-garden as it’s cross bank.


I also use Paym often would be great to see this on Starling.


+1 :wink:


Please could we have an update from the Starling team on Paym availability.


It’s over to Starling, PayM replied to my tweet and said they are ready to support starling :tada:


Yes could we have an update on this.


Hi - Paym is something we have discussed, and we will continue to keep on our list of features. At the moment we have a few other priorities we’re working on :wink:, please keep expressing your interest here though as it will help us prioritise it based on the community and customer need.


I too would love to see PayM added as a service. It’s surprising how often I use this with friends, and it saves a lot of faffing around as, since moving from Nationwide to Starling, I’ve had to resort to using Barclays PingIt again. And PingIt have (due to new regulations) introduced quite low limits recently.

Not wishing to belittle all the development and testing work involved, but I would expect this is a reasonably simple thing to introduce. After all… most of the conventional banks out there can do it! :wink:


+1. I’d like to see PayM support. My girlfriend seems to be weird about giving me her sort and account code to transfer money. She insists on doing everything over Paypal. This is all fine and great but I did have the problem where a withdrawal from Paypal took 3 days while we were away. PayM support would allow me to skip all this nonsense.


As other users have suggested I’ve started to use Pingit as a plug in solution for now.

I rarely use PayM but I like the idea of it, especially as I’m a little used to it as the legacy bank I’m with supports PayM.


+1. I use Paym regularly.


I also use this service a lot so would like to see it added please. That said, I’ll be using it a lot less when Apple introduce person-to-person payments with Apple Pay in iOS 11.


It will be US-only for the foreseeable future :confused:


Yeah but it’ll come eventually.


I’d love to see Paym support in Starling.

I had patched in Pingit just for the support of having Paym, but upon upgrading my phone and following Barclays advice my account has reset itself to being unverified again. I was then asked to revisit a Barclays branch to confirm my identity again, of which I haven’t the time to do.

Essentially Starling can you save me the hassle of having to either be a Barclays customer or have no Paym? :stuck_out_tongue:


For info:


I would like the option of paym as well.