Paying in cash in Northern Ireland


Just a quick question for some of the staff, is there any way we can pay in cash in Northern Ireland as we don’t have NatWest over here?



Could you not pay cash into your credit union account? Then they can transfer to the Starling account?


No unfortunately it’s only for loans.


I’m sure NatWest is the only way currently. Starling are looking into alternate ways and I’m sure will let us all know when and how.


Could you not try Ulster Bank as they are part of the RBS/NatWest family to see if they can help?


Yeah I never thought about trying that to be honest,


Hello. I’ve checked with the team and found that we’re currently exploring our options for cash deposits in Northern Ireland, but there are no options yet. Thanks!


Thanks @JamesPratley it’s much appreciated


@JamesPratley are you able to confirm if pay-in is possible at RBS as well as NatWest?


Just checked… Currently you can only pay in cash to a NatWest branch. Hope that helps! :slight_smile: