Payee list UX improvements


Currently the list of payees is shown as a grid (with 3 columns). This makes it hard to vertically scan the page when looking for a particular payee.
Grid mode is probably more suitable for image display (like Pinterest) where displaying them side-by-side will definitely save screen space. Also, when looking for visual data, peripheral vision is more than sufficient, so we can still scan the page from top to bottom and find what we need, even if the thing we’re looking for is in a different column.
The way our eyes search for text is different. If I’m looking for an individual named John, I actually have to scan the entire grid, left-to-right, top-to-bottom. The icons with name abbreviations are a little bit more than useless. If the text is arranged vertically, all I have to read is the first letter of a word, and since the text is left-aligned, I know where exactly the first letter of the next item resides. I can also skip lines more easily and slow down once I get to the letter I need.
I’m sure there’s more scientific explanation for this, but I hope what I described in layman’s terms is sufficient to understand the problem.


I’m still hoping for a list view to return!


Thanks for the suggestion - I’ve made a note of it! :slight_smile:


Hi Dremora. Yeah you are right. Its not quite right. Sometimes unfortunately when you design something out it gets developed in a piecemeal fashion as other things can get prioritised. Bugs, Features etc. For such a long time payments has been really bugging me. Finally we are getting there though. Just to give you some context. So the grid is supposed to represent the payees you pay the most and not all your payees. We need to put that logic in still. Think of them as payees on quick dial. In the same way you can just tap a pre programmed button on a phone you have a grid of people or organisations you send payments to most frequently. This grid is not supposed to represent all your payees. Indeed all your payees will also exist as a list and accessed from a button on the same screen called something like 'All Contacts".

Also we encourage users to add photos to their payees. Therefore the grid will be visual and contacts easily recognisable by their photos.