Payee Display Name length


I just tried to create a new payee but when I touched ‘Next’, nothing happened.

I worked out that this is because the name was longer than 20 characters.

If there is a limit, perhaps there should be an error message that tells you when you touch Next.


Good spot @JamesH :+1:t2:


Presumably payee field lengths should corrolate with Faster Payments or SEPA/SWIFT specs accordingly. It makes no sense having them shorter or longer!


Hi James, I just fixed this a moment ago. It’s going to be part of release 0.51.


Any idea when we can expect that release @Kris?


The only thing I can say (with some high probability) is it’s going to be no sooner than a week from now and no later than 3 weeks from now.


That’s great, thanks Kris!


Hmm, disappointed that Android users won’t see the in-app chat fix before then - iOS users are getting that today.

Would it not be possible to do a release sooner for the things that are ready and tested?


Are you sure you wanted to post this here instead of the Chat experience thread? (We can get this moved if you want…)

The weekly-or-so release cycle is THE sweet-spot interval satisfying many (often contradictory) constraints:

  1. ship small improvements but often instead of one large update once in a while
  2. Apple/Google approval process time constraints such as duration, rejections ( the happen once in a while))
  3. iOS/Android release date parity
  4. iOS/Android functional parity
  5. mobile platform development differences
  6. vis mayor - (bad days, mistakes, illnesses, last minute bugs, firealarms :),…etc…)

If we would prioritise 3) above all else, it simply would not benefit you as customers because it would lead to unnecessary delays.


No, I intended to post it here. I agree that weekly releases would be great. It’s just that I’m sure @sarah.guha mentioned in another thread that we could expect a fix for the chat issue in about a week’s time… and that was a week ago :slight_smile:


Just checking with the Android team when their next release will be…


most of us would gladly join a beta channel to speed up your testing and feedback cycles


But the thread’s about Payee name length…?


Ok, well I don’t mind if someone wants to move it. However, if you follow the thread from top to bottom, a new release was mentioned and I asked when we could expect it. I then responded to the answer that was given. I concede it has gone off topic but for every thread on here that sticks resolutely to the original post, I’ll show you ten that have gone off on a tangent… :slight_smile:


2 pences on-topic, my legal name has 34 characters.


Lo and behold… a new Android release has hit the Play Store today :smile: