Pay with Starling and Samsung Pay


We are pleased to announce today that Samsung Pay is now available to Starling customers. (You might have guessed it!) We’ve always been committed to making it as easy and accessible to pay with Starling as possible and as a requested addition to our offering we’re pleased to be making this available to you. You can find out more on our website: but here is some useful info on Samsung Pay and how it works:

Samsung Pay is easy to use. Customers launch it by swiping up from the bottom edge of
their smartphone screen. They can use iris, fingerprint or PIN to prove their identity, and
simply tap their device on a payment terminal to make a payment. Samsung Pay allows
customers to use contactless payment for transactions over £30, subject to merchant
policies. Samsung Pay also offers exclusive functionality with TfL, that allows users to set a
payment card up as ‘transport card’ to use on all TfL services and most National Rail
services in London, allowing them to simply tap their phone against the card reader,
eliminating the need to wake their phone.

Samsung Pay is currently available on the Galaxy S9, S9+, S8, S8+ and Note 8, S7 and S7
edge, S6, S6 edge and S6 edge+**, A3, A5 2017, as well as the Samsung Gear S3 &
Samsung Gear Sport smartwatches (**via software update).

Samsung Pay

Thank you for delivering this team Starling. So much choice for everyone now. You are leading.


While I don’t personally have a Samsung device this is fantastic news. Starling have shown they’re committed to expanding their reach and listening to customer needs. Well done for everyone involved and for showing the rest of the fintechs how this is done.


Thanks much appreciated good choice for all now.


So @sarah.guha did Starling also launch Garmin Pay today? As in another thread on here 3 people claim to have added it! Is that true or are they trolling?


It’s true. See the Twitter link in that thread for a screenshot of my Starling card in the wallet on the Garmin Connect app. There’s not been an announcement though so maybe it’s not officially launching until some time later.


Useless announcement for me as I only have Apple mobile devices, but I’m glad there’s more options for everyone.

Starling is the #1 UK mobile bank for contactless payments.

Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, Garmin Pay, Fitbit Pay…normal contactless card…

In fact, I don’t think any UK bank has this much support.


I haven’t tweeted about Garmin Pay as not officially confirmed by Starling!


Fantastic News… Shame Barclays don’t have the same approach to giving their customers the choice of how they want to use their accounts…


:+1:Great news.


Excellent news! Lots of Samsung users will be delighted!


Barclays has bPay and that is more important for them.

The reason why Apple Pay made it to Barclays because Apple customers were actually leaving Barclays in droves. I was THIS close to leaving them myself.

A majority wouldn’t bother leaving for Google Pay and Samsung Pay support, simply because Barclays’ Contactless Mobile for Android works well.


I left Barclays because they don’t support Android Pay. Main reason is a have my default card normal Starling, but if for what ever reason i want to use another debit or credit card i just go into the Android app and select it for that transaction or set it as default instead of having to open another app just for one company. Same reason why i don’t buy apple products or kindle fires. I do not like companies that do not play nice with other companies and try and wall you in


Yeah, but sadly you’re the minority. Many Android users are fine with Barclays solution.

Barclays HAD to put Apple Pay support in the end, because while many users were leaving and kept nagging Barclays for it, Barclays themselves don’t (and can’t) have an Apple Pay solution for themselves.

If Android was walled up like Apple, maybe you would have gotten your wish with Barclays.

Besides, shouldn’t the Barclays Android app auto popup on your screen when you’re near a NFC terminal?


Hopefully not, as you want Google Pay or Samsung Pay as your default with all your accounts on. I always remove banks own NFC solutions from being the default to stop them popping up.


Totally agree!


Android allows you to select your default NFC Payments app, like Barclays Mobile Banking, which contains the Contactless Mobile feature.


Exactly, so you deselect Barclays by selecting Google Pay (formerly Android Pay)


Coincidentally I tweeted Barclaycard about this very issue last night. I’m on the verge of closing my account. I use Google Pay extensively and have no wish to use any bank’s alternative solution.

I don’t use Samsung, Apple, Fitbit or Garmin devices but I’m pleased that Starling support them. Choice is a good thing and allowing customers to use their Starling account whichever way they want is great.


@danmullen couldn’t agree more.