Pay - Double notification


Just used Pay for the first time :tada::confetti_ball:, however received 2 notifications - looks like they both came from Starling.
Is there a setting in the app to change this?


Yes. More > Account Management > Notifications

You are getting an Apple Pay notification and a Starling notification currently.

This is highlighted during the provisioning of your card to Apple Pay.


Thanks, not sure how I missed that :eyes:


Probably you don’t read instructions, much like myself. :slight_smile:


I’m now sad that I didn’t even stop to realise there was an update to the Starling app and added my card the old fashioned way. That’s 90 seconds I won’t get back :joy:


Admittedly I didn’t either!


I didn’t either


@walderston if you have an Apple Watch then due to an Apple bug (I assume) you don’t get notifications from Apple for Apple Pay transactions from the Watch so the Starling one is the only one you get. :thinking:

Clearly you need to spend a few hundred on an Apple Watch to solve it! :laughing: Advantages also include not needing to get your phone out to pay for stuff! And getting told to stand up and breath… You know encase you forget to do that stuff! :wink:


I’ve got an  Watch :+1:
As mentioned above, reason for the double notification is the first is the standard Starling notification with the 2nd being the Pay one


So @walderston are you saying you get the standard Apple Pay notification when you pay with your Apple Watch? :open_mouth:

Everyone I know with the Watch doesn’t get that one unless they pay with their phones… :confused:

Mind you as you can’t disable the standard Apple Pay notification for payments on a specific card I’m kinda glad of that bug now I use Starling! :wink:


Never used my Starling card on my Watch. With other cards I do get notifications on my watch so I assume it’s a Starling issue rather than 


I don’t get the Watch Payed notification on my Halifax account and my mate doesn’t on HSBC ether so I assumed it was Apple… :confused:


I get it on Amex and another card I can’t mention (FinTech company)
I am running beta on both my iPhone and Watch


Weird… :thinking: We definitely don’t get them for my Apple Watch but do for my iPhone.


I only get notifications on only on the device I Apple Pay with, not any other devices.
It’s extremely irritating!