Pay at Pump Card Decline - 2


Well, i’m completely confused then.

Moving on…


I’ve sent the information over to them. Hope they can get this sorted. My wife was with me and it really put her off switching over to starling.


Were you rendered speechless? :joy:


I suspect you’ve realised what a rare occurrence that is, so it really was a momentous event.


Managed to get Sainsbury’s pay at the pump to work today with my joint account. It shows £1 pending.


When does the pending £1 ever debit your account? Or does it disappear?


I am expecting the actual amount to debit the account soon and the £1 will never be collected. It has been ‘reserved’ but will disappear after a week or so. I will keep you posted as to exact time scales when they happen.


Someone may correct me, but doesn’t the £1 turn into your actual spend?


Can’t vouch for petrol (not filled up since the changes), but that’s how it worked on First York busses. Assuming its the same principle.

£1 appeared on the account on presentation of the card.
£1 turns into £4.40 a day or so down the line.


Yep, and again, I may be wrong, but I remember not receiving a notification when it changed (which was a little annoying).


Yes @nickhoward. That’s what I’ve experienced


Just seems a really messy process. Why does this happen? I’ve never experienced that with other bank cards.


With other bank cards, you wouldn’t see the authorisation amount (it would just show as “pending” if anything).


I need to type faster :rofl:


That is exactly what happened - although without notification.


Yep - It’s the same for all of the banks who offer “instant notification”.

You only get the notification of the £1 auth, not the final amount,


I used pay at pump yesterday at Tesco (13:08 to be exact :slight_smile: ), and it’s now showing as the full amount rather than the £1 auth. So, in my case, it was roughly 24 hours


Living on the edge!


In all fairness, I’ve never had any issues (thankfully) with Starling using Pay @ Pump. But I’m sure I read (I hope) someone above asking how long it took to finalise. Just reporting back on my progress like a good community member :wink:


Haha good man!

I’ve found it varies - The worst one was Avis car hire - Took over a week after I dropped the car back with them!