Pay at Pump Allocating Funds


First of all - a confession. The issue in question was not involving my Starling card but my Amex that I use for everyday spending (for miles…) and pay off in full each month. But I find the Starling community’s wisdom otherwise unparalleled…

Filled my car up last week at Sainsbury’s Pay at Pump. The amount of fuel I took has been billed in a settled transaction but in addition (confirmed by Amex) Sainsbury’s are holding an authorisation for £99 (yes £99!!!) which could take a week to drop off!

Has anyone else come across such large auths for pay at Pump fuel ? I’ve had £1 before at Tesco and Costco but never this much. If it were my bank account I’d be cheesed off - £99 is valuable at certain times of the month!


The £99 pre-auth is normal for Sainsbury’s.

I haven’t come across such a high pre-auth elsewhere.

Clearly Sainsbury’s are risk-averse.