Password Stored in Keychain


I’ve installed the latest iOS 12 beta, and I’m not sure this behaviour was possible on iOS 11, but I’ve manually saved my Starling password in Keychain and every time the Starling app asks for my possword I can have it automatically input this authenticating with TouchID. Was this the case in iOS 11? I know this is nothing new as I use this all the time for other apps, but I’d have though this would have been disabled as Starling have specifically used password and not TouchID. It’s handy because now I don’t have to type a password at all, for example changing payee details and PIN number reminder etc.

Passwords vs PINs 🔐

Oww that’s not in iOS11. I know they’ve been improving the password manager perhaps it’s a new feature. :+1:


I’m on 10.13.6 and Starling behaves that way for me also. You do have to use the pin on some occasions - but I have not worked out what triggers that. Nevertheless it is very useful. R-


Do you have iCloud Keychain turned on?


I have Keychain switched on.


There must be some additional benefits of iCloud keychain. I noted keychain allows you to generate new random passwords for new accounts too. Shall have to investigate. Good tip :+1:


I always use Keychain and like it. It makes having complex, unique passwords for every website a breeze. Since the last few iOS versions, the autofill for apps is starting to be really useful.