Password/fingerprint or simply a confirm button when making payment


I’ve just accidentally tapped the pay button and transferred a large amount to my credit card when I had the intention of setting it up as a scheduled payment.

It’s sent me overdrawn!

A quick fingerprint request would prevent this issue… or at least be asked to confirm the action!


It gives you time to cancel the payment when you make a payment already, personally I don’t want it to be even more complicated than having to verify as well before a payment. It’s already bad enough having to enter passwords for some things, let alone adding more security.

I can see how for some the extra step would be a good idea, just not for me, I want things simple, not everyone has fingerprint on their phones.


I 100% agree with this - a final confirmation screen before sending would be super helpful, it’s way too easy to send with mistakes at the moment.


It is very easy to do that as the pay button is close to the reference/date section. It could definitely be improved. It doesn’t help you now but if I’m setting up a future payment I always do the date first before the amount.


You raise a good point that we are asked to insert our password at trivial points during app usage i.e. changing the name of a payee or changing the image of a payee. We should be asked to insert our password at crucial times such as sending payments.

It would be good to at least be asked to confirm the payment after selecting “Pay” if no extra security is added.

I simply tapped my finger on my screen and away my money went. I noticed as it had completed so didn’t have time to cancel.


Personally I’d rather not have additional “checkpoints” to go through. What could be better would be a 5/10 second “undo” option like you can do on GMail or Facebook Messenger.


There already is a delay; I simply didn’t realise that I’d brushed the screen of my phone so the delay was of no use. I wouldn’t have seen this is a personal need until the problem arose either…


A confirmation screen maybe. But more security as a means of combating accidental taps isn’t the answer.

I resent the security beyond opening the app in place now. I don’t really want any more security and certainly not in the name of stopping accidental clicks.


I’d certainly be willing to compromise on a confirmation at the very least! :slight_smile:


The Starling app is already more cumbersome to use than many traditional bank apps when setting up payments, you have to enter passwords, confirm this and that. Takes me less time to set up a payment on Barclays, Lloyds of Natwest than it does with Starling, I still don’t see the need to add extra options.

If there is a final confirmation, then remove the password so you only confirm the payment once at the end, you won’t need the password, as you will be confirming the payment before you make it.


Agreed - it just needs a second confirmation screen/pop up or something to say double check the details and click send to finalise. Way too easy to make mistakes as it is.


Agree too - the password usage within the app really needs re-thinking.


I accidently made a transfer too. Fortunately not a large amount. I would definitely like a confirmation button.


Just confirm all payments with fingerprint like Monzo, simple and quick.


FWIW any large payments (over £1000 I think) do require you to enter your password.


Wider use of fingerprint verification in the app is certainly a popular request across all contacts and something that we are looking to introduce. No time frame at the moment but it is on our radar.


Thanks for your response, @Oliver_Wright. Looking forward to its implementation.


An option in the settings, if you want to enable extra security, would be a better idea for those that need it


No more steps please. Would prefer payments to be quick and easy. If people are accidentally tapping the Pay button instead of the Edit link then the UI needs improving to make this less likely, rather than fudging in an extra confirm screen.


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