Passport to Europe 🇪🇺


Did you see the news? After launching our current account in the UK, we’re now expanding into Europe, starting with Ireland. Check out the coverage over on TechCrunch, Bloomberg & The Memo for more details! :rocket: :ireland:


Are you not worried about how Brexit might affect this?


Going into Europe has always been part of the Starling roadmap and Anne, our founder, has worked in / run pan-European banks throughout her career. So this is actually very exciting for us and for the UK fintech sector in spite of the chatter around Brexit.


Great news!


I wonder if this will drive n26’s hand in being available in the UK as competition?


I haven’t followed N26 too much. Competition is always a good thing.


When will you be launching in Ireland? Can’t find any specifics in the articles on a timeline.
I’m currently using N26 in Ireland at the moment. What would the benefits be of switching to Starling once it arrives?


What’s N26 like? I guess when Starling launches, you’ll have to give it a go and decide from there.


I’d be beyond thrilled if this was a precursor to me being able to operate a EUR account (with an IBAN for making and receiving payments to friends in Europe) in addition to my GBP account. Honestly, for me, that would be a killer feature and would be enough for me to move all my personal banking to Starling.


Any possibility we will be able to hold GBP and EUR in the same account? Maybe a switch in the app to say what currency you want to use. I know there aren’t any fees but would be great to be able to hold EUR separately to lock in a rate and avoid those annoying conversion messages when traveling.


We want to make it possible for you to travel from one country to another in Europe and continue to use your Starling account when you do that - even when they use different currencies. We’d love to hear your experiences when travelling to help shape how we approach this :airplane:


This is very similar to how Citibank work with their one card 3 currency account.

I have (had) a EUR, USD and GBP accounts under one master account, and can transfer money into each and then either via their app or website switch my card to the currency i want to use.

With 0% and Zero charge FX transactions is this really needed?


Excellent point. Starling already have the tools needed to spend money abroad.


Super news. Well done.


They might have the tools you need, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t value add features that could be added which would materially add to the experience of others. Personally, I need a way to hold a EUR balance in a bank account and I don’t imagine I’m alone in that. My current solution as a UK resident is to use Bunq (for a Dutch EUR account with IBAN etc) and TransferWise (to occasionally move funds between Dutch account and UK account), but if a UK provider came forward and offered such a service which was linked to my GBP account that would be a huge plus.

Revolut have a lot of interesting features in this area but I’ve run into a few issues with them which make me nervous about relying on them.


Agreed with this, Revolut have plans here and even though I’ve personally had no problems with them, I’m becoming more uneasy seeing the number of unresolved complaints / issues appearing on their community pages and social media.

Personally, I’d like an account that holds multiple currencies (in my case GBP and EUR) as I live / work across borders. I’d need to be able to set up direct debits etc in both currencies, and interchange them (automatically or manually) inside the app.

As you say, Revolut are getting there, but their support really doesn’t look up to scratch at the moment and I would be nervous trusting them


I’m not sure if the option of two currencies would cause the ATM’s to display balance as £0.00.

I know from being a previous revolut customer, my account often displayed £0.00 at ATM’s dispite having no balance on any other currencies.


I’m very interested in your launch in Ireland. Using N26 at the minute but they seem to have stalled here compared to the German market.


Great news. I also am very interested in this as moving back to Ireland next month.
Have used N26, but found it a bit hit + miss to date.
Would be keen to do some testing if there is an early access program.


Any indication on when it will be possible to open an account in Ireland?