Paper Statements


Controversial topic here, I’m sure.

Are there any plans/any means to get a printed, postal copy of a statement on an ad-hoc basis? Thinking ahead, I apply for many business visas and more often than not they do not accept printed online statements, which would be an issue for a bank that is wholly online.

It’s just a thought popping into my head. Even some UK companies require a bank statement sent in the post over a printed copy (eg. setting up an account with a bank).

Paper Statements - Unable to Get From Starling
Cheque book?

I believe someone addressed this. You can get PDFs downloadable statement in the legal docs section of the app which are then printable.

That being said I do believe someone should look over it as I believe the font meshes somewhat.


It was indeed addressed but then I don’t see how that’s different from my Natwest statement I can print off online which is not acceptable as a form of ID for visa purposes in many countries or indeed to open an account at a bank here in the UK.

There may be no solution here, but it must have come up in the planning of any online bank. We can be as innovative as we like, but we can’t force others to catch up and sometimes we have to play the old game to some extent until they catch up.


I’ve used my ‘online’ statement printed out as proof of address for new credit agreements.

I think the difference is between just printing out a screenshot of the online banking page, and downloading a ‘pdf’ version of your official statement and printing that out.

Doing a quick search - it appears that Barclays now charge you £5 if you request a copy of a paper statement through the post.


I have never tried to use a screenshot, but I have tried to use downloaded PDFs and they are almost never accepted by foreign governments, and Barclay’s definitely don’t accept them even their own printed statements!

I’m more than happy to pay for them, I am simply curious if anyone has considered this aspect of banking - like I said we can be as modern as we like, we still have to live in the world that we are given!


How do they tell whether it’s an online statement or not? In this case maybe the solution is to change the PDF so it looks less “online” and make the stubborn monkeys believe it’s a posted statement?

It’s not like it changes anything in terms of fraud/forgery. Any decent forgery will be indistinguishable from a real posted statement so the “point” they’re trying to make by not accepting online statements is nonsense.


Your guess is as good as mine on that. I’m not disagreeing with the logic, but I’m living in the real world where this is still required and even when, as discussed in another post, cheques are still required.

I would suspect half the time it’s just the paper that it’s printed on is obviously printed at home rather than sent in the post. Security wise… well I suppose the arguement there is that it’s sent to the home and there is a chance that a printed off statement could come from a hacked online account. That’s my guess.


Did you actually try using your Starling statement PDF and just passing it off as an official, posted copy? It’s not like they’re gonna be calling Starling to ask whether it’s real or not.

That’s what I’ve been doing lately and I have yet to run into issues. Of course, if you’re gonna tell them straight away that it’s an online statement they’ll say no but personally just playing their stupid game has been a success so far.


I haven’t used Starling’s yet, no, as most require a month’s transactions so it’ll be a while before I can.

I’ll have a try with that game, though if they come back with a no it would be good to know if I have options available. Going forward if I use Starling as my full bank and there is no option then I will have to use a legacy bank still which defeats why I’m here!


Personally I don’t like the idea of passing off a downloaded and printed copy as an original from the bank. While I understand the sentiment, doing something that’s blatantly against the rules (even if the rules don’t make sense) is not a way forward. So @Coffeemadman definitely has a valid issue here.

A way around it would be simple - give us the option to “buy” an official printed statement which we’d get through the post. As it’s going to be a rare thing, the charge would need to cover Starling’s cost, and for most people we’d never need to call upon it. But for mortgage applications, security clearances, and other visa applications, that seems like a reasonable option to me.


I remember back when I was with Nationwide I needed an “official printed statement”. Imagine my surprise when the advisor at Nationwide clicked a link and printed out the exact same PDF I printed at home and handed it to me, in exchange for a 5£ admin fee. So would this case be against the “rules” as well?

(since then, anyone asking me about an “official” statement gets the printed copy, and looses my business if they refused it - so far none ever refused)


In answer to your question @Rjevski, no - that is not against the “rules” as the bank clearly produced the statement for you. As I stated above, it does not matter whether the rules actually make sense, but my moral compass tells me I need to follow them. Fibbing isn’t the answer.

Of course voting with your wallet is certainly an effective solution though! :smiley:


Again I’m not disagreeing with the logic you provide but I can’t just “not” apply for a business visa for work - alas I have to go with their judgements or not.

Some countries are incredibly picky. I had one recently where I needed a letter signed and stamped and posted from the hotel to the UK and a letter from someone I knew inside the country with their passport not even a copy accompanying my application!


I suppose the obvious place to have this within the current ‘Export Statements’ option in the app.

So, have a third option - PDF, CSV, Hardcopy. When you select Hardcopy it’ll then pop up with a ‘To request a hardcopy there will be a charge of £x deducted from your account’. Approve that, and then it gets posted to your registered address.


As a resolution I think that sounds perfect.


The Starling statements are designed to be acceptable as proof of address etc. There should be no difference if you printed vs Starling printing and posting to you. I’ve recently used one as proof of address for mortgage and my broker confirmed no issues with the format of them.


I guarantee you no matter how well designed that’s not always the case.

Barclay’s print off their statements in branch and still not acceptable by their own staff as a means of ID verification.

It’s utterly stupid but it is also reality in some instances.


Sure - I understand that but surely that’s the point - Starling sending you a hard copy isn’t going to change the chances of it being accepted by the organisation you are trying to give proof of address/income to. As long as the statements created by Starling follow standard banking practice (they do) then the issue we all have is with the varying standard accepted by organisations.


I’m not the one who decides, but I’m not going to be lying to foreign governments just in case. How a statement sent in the post differs I do not know, but I know some places officially state that online prints are not allowed.

It’s one thing to try it to open a savings account in your local branch. It’s another thing to lie to a government! I’d rather be safe than sorry.


I can see your point. Halifax postal statements are COMPLETELY different to the crap ones with the Web address at the bottom that I can print online. But I would hazard a guess that if Starling were to post you statements they would be identical to the pdf ones we can download ourselves. It seems that I get a lot of emailed bills from energy suppliers and mobile phone providers etc that have an exact pdf copy of the ‘real’ bill as an attachment.