Paper Statements - Unable to Get From Starling


Hi all,

I know it’s less and less likely in these modern times, but in the past I have had situations where I needed to have an original paper statement from my bank, and they would not accept one printed from the internet (can’t remember for what to be honest :slight_smile: )

The only reason holding me back now from putting my salary into Starling directly is in case I need this - and I know as of now it’s not possible to get a paper statement from Starling - but it may be possible in the future.

Any thoughts on this from your perspective - am I being a bit risk averse here? :slight_smile:



Hi Jonathan

Please see previous similar query and (@sarah.guha) Starling’s definitive response. It’s good news for you.

Looking forward to another satisfied transferee :grinning:


Just out of interest… how would some one knows I printed mi e if I did it doubles sided in colour?


Thanks @Graham - much appreciated - will be moving over completely then :slight_smile:


Read through the link above. Looks like there’s no definitive answer, but it doesn’t matter too much as Starling are committed to providing them as and when required.


Yes, just to confirm we have procedures in place to handle requests for printed statements when they’re needed. Just get in touch with us via the app and we can talk you through the process.


One of the problems I’m currently having with a FinTech company is they are refusing to accept my online statements from numerous companies as proof of address (despite them accepting PDF uploads) because of a lack of a “barcode” on them.

Do Starling online statements for UK addresses include addresses encoded in RM4SCC?

RM4SCC Barcodes on Online Statements

Please see above, @WatfordJC.:slightly_smiling_face: