Overseas health / medical insurance



I noticed that revolut has an option to purchase overseas medical insurance and their premium plan includes it.

I would love to see Starling Bank partnering with a medical insurance provider to offer overseas medical insurance and also standard private health care plans within the UK through the market place. Both would be really cool.


There is a Travel Insurance option available already through the Marketplace.


Thanks for the response. I seen the travel insurance one and it is terrific how easy and simple it is to access such products.

My post was intending specialist overseas medical insurance, as in without the additional features of complete travel insurance. Or even private medical insurance for the UK. Either would be really amazing.


The only reason I keep my Nationwide account is the brilliant insurance pack they give you for just £13 a month.



I can understand private medicine in the UK as a different proposition. However, why would you want overseas medical insurance seperate from travel insurance?

I had an accident in Spain a couple of weeks ago where I needed to go to a hospital. The travel insurance took care of everything for me, including the treatment I needed and an x-ray, made sure I had assistance at the airport and a driver waiting for me at Gatwick airport to drive me home.

Just intrigued why overseas you would need a different medical insurance over travel insurance?
Do you need to declare pre-existing conditions or equivalent?


I think travel insurance is suitable for short term travel like a short holiday. But for long term travel like a long stay in another Country or a situation where you’re going to be in and out of the country multiple times in a year or a long period of time in which you need to travel multiple times, an overseas medical insurance policy would be ideal

And sometimes travel insurance is quite restricted in that you need to start and end your trip from the UK, whereas overseas medical insurance for a longer duration is more flexible, in a scenario you’re traveling from one destination to another outside the UK


I have an annual (note above on Nationwide as that is what I have). I believe the maximum amount of days at one time out of the country is 90 days if you upgrade.


It would be cool to have something like that in the Starling Bank market place in my opinion