Overlapping text on Payee screen


After setting up a New Payee, there is a bug with displaying the Display Name and Account Description. See attached image.

Bug report: overlapping text on pulse

it would probably help them to know what device is that


Accessing account on an iPad Air using iOS 0.47


It looks like it’s running on iPad. iPad running iPhone apps only support the original screen sizes (from iPhone 3 and 4 days), not the slightly stretched version of iPhone 5, 5S and SE.

Of course this would be an ideal opportunity to call for an iPad-optimised version of the Starling app; but at the very least the app should be tested on iPad and iPhone SE pre-release. That doesn’t appear to happen today.


Thanks @Rob. I tend to use my iPad in the evenings at home and iPhone during the day. I’m surprised that there is not an iPad version of the app, but you’re right, releases should at least be tested on an iPad.