Overdraft usage charge


Had 2 messages - Your June overdraft interest charge is £0.18 debit. We’ll take this payment from your account on the 15th of July.
I haven’t been charged…


Best Overdraft EVER! :grinning:


I had the same and got this from Customer Services.

They said I would be charged for any overdraft going forward.
While it was nice of them to waive this some notice of the approach and when interest would be payable would have been nice. I’m not necessarily a fan of interest free taster rates that encourage debt.


So with the overdraft charges is £2 the most you can be charged in one month?


You get charged more per day for bigger overdrafts. IIRC if you had £1,300 overdraft and used it all, it would cost you 50p a day!

It could get expensive using overdraft, the reason I keep mine really low :+1:


Yep… £15 a month not a bad deal :wink:


There are no charges for using the Starling overdraft just interest on the amount you borrow. The amount of interest depends on how much you borrow and for how long and the interest rate. The rate of interest which Starling charges seems good value compared to the traditional banks.


I believe the £2 max fee applies to unarranged overdrafts only.

As others have said, arranged overdrafts are subject to interest of 15% of borrowings.


I’ve only just spotted the overdraft calculator on the site https://www.starlingbank.com/current-account/overdraft/


Thanks @Joe_Merriman that’s really interesting to see the overdraft calculator.