Overdraft Rate


Hello All

Just noticed in-app rate is 12% whilst website quotes 15%.

Latest release, Android.

Trawled the forum but can’t see explanation.


In my Android app says 14% on one screen but when you click on the T&C link below it it takes you into another screen with terms that refer to 15%!


the app tells 15% in my case (Android)


Mine says 15% EAR for overdraft charges on iOS.


@sarah.guha please can you confirm and look into this :slight_smile:


Maybe 15% is the default rate, but some people like the OP get different rates, hence he seeing 12%?


I see 15% AER on negative balances within the interest section of account information. (Android)

I can’t check anywhere else in app as I was never offered an overdraft when signing up. :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t need one so I’ve never bothered asking for it to be looked into.


Possibly, I don’t have an overdraft with Starling.


I asked the very same question of customer services in September 2017 when I noticed that my overdraft rate was showing as 12% instead of the advertised 15%. Here’s what customer services told me:

You’re right our overdraft rates are currently 15%.

Our interest rate structure changed since you first opened your account, and were offered an overdraft.

Yours will remain on your current rate. If it ever does change, of course we will notify you.

Hope that helps.


Thanks, very helpful!


That seems to clear that up then, thanks!


Hi all, We have one simplified rate of 15% EAR for all. We’ll check the latest Android release.


My rate says both 12% and 13% underneath.

I am on iOS so don’t think this is just an android issue.



We’ve checked the app and can confirm there isn’t any issue with the latest build. Those who have reported a lower overdraft rate accepted their overdraft during our early beta testing before overdrafts were made available more widely. For you, we continue to charge interest at the 12% EAR you accepted at the time of opening your account. If we make changes to this in the future you will be notified in advance.