Overdraft notification wording



I did a nose for something similar and couldn’t see it. But equally feel a bit ashamed for creating an entire topic on the subject. I apologise if a topic does already exist.

My overdraft interest payment came out today. As we know, this is a transaction that takes money away from me.

According to the notification however, I earned £1.90. Whereas the crude definition of ‘earn’ is to gain or obtain something. Here something was debited, not credited. So can’t possibly be earned. It does also say ‘June Overdraft Charge’ - but it doesn’t make sense either way.

I feel earned is the wrong word entirely. I didn’t earn it, I owed it and I’ve paid it.


Needs a look, @StarlingSupport


You paid would make more sense, as you are paying a charge.

You spent wouldn’t make sense, as you haven’t really purchased anything to spend the money.

Owed logically doesn’t make sense, because the payment has been taken, so you don’t owe anything now.


Agree. I thought the same.


I noticed this too. Did email it into Starling, but haven’t heard back as of yet


Good spot @Lewys, definitely needs fixing.


Personally, I like it!

It means that I’ve earned 21 grand of student loan fees in my lifetime! That sounds much better than “spent”.

But yeah, it does need changing!


We’re aware of the incorrect notification and will have it fixed for next month :slightly_smiling_face: