Overdraft interest wording


It’s a minor point and I’m happy to be corrected if I’m wrong, but I think the overdraft wording on the Interest screen is slightly incorrect.

It’s quoted as 15% AER. I believe this should be 15% EAR.

AER is used for interest earned on credit balances, whereas EAR is used for interest charged on overdrafts.


Yeah - probably just a mishap.


It says EAR on iOS…


Seems to be a mishap on the Android app then.


Hi guys. Can this small but irritating typo be fixed please?


In Android I think it appears as APR on one screen and AER or EAR on another screen.


It’s correctly started as 15% EAR on the Overdraft screen. It’s just the Interest screen that’s wrong as far as I can tell.


In my Android the Overdraft screen has Interest details at the bottom and states EAR, going into T&Cs it says EAR too. So I can’t see APR any longer. I had seen it in the past and queried it.


Thanks @danmullen - I’ve raised it with the team :+1:t3: