"Overdraft available"


One other thing…

Can you please make it an option to get rid of the overdraft available message? I understand a lot of people want this feature, but I have no interest in an overdraft and never will. But I can’t make it disappear and it’s cutting up the beautiful screen design of your lovely app. So for everyone who doesn’t want one, can we turn it off?

Thank you. And keep up the good work. I’ve never been so excited about changing banks. What a refreshingly new look on how banking should be.



It will disappear :slight_smile:


Even if I don’t agree to anything and just ignore it?


Indeed it will. You can always request an overdraft in-app whenever you need.


Brilliant… Well that answered that than. :grin::grin:

Thank you.


I agree it should be dismissable. If you reinstall the app, you get it showing up again for a few days.


I didn’t even get one :violin:


I tried moving the slider to 0 but it wouldn’t accept :smiley:

Thankfully it disappeared. I wouldn’t want this facility unless switching as my main account.

While we’re on the subject, can we confirm that payments that would make an account overdrawn are declined if there’s no overdraft facility rather than going into “unauthorised overdraft?”


Hi Mark, Transaction will decline rather than taking you into an unauthorised overdraft. Some transactions like TFL which is offline may go through, but we’ll notify you as soon as that occurs and you’ll be able to add funds to your account. For unauthorised overdrafts anything below 10p is waivered giving you a grace period, you can read more here: https://www.starlingbank.com/current-account/overdraft/


Thanks for clearing that up, Sarah! :slight_smile:


Are you sure about this statement?

Obviously this was back in Oct 2017 but I just joined and asked cause I wanted the use my savings as an overdraft feature which i dont have yet (less than 1 month been using bank so far)