Over a week since account closure request


As the title states, I asked to close my account over a week ago and nothing has moved. I was told “We process these requests a few times a week, you’ll be notified once it’s completed“ but nothing has happened in 8 days. I got that message on the 7th. Could somebody please look into this? Thanks.


Just out of interest, is there a particular reason you are closing your account?


Hi @zinterz :wave:

Thanks for flagging this! We do have your request and you’ll get an update by email once it’s been processed.

I know we’ve said this previously, but we’ll be sorry to see you go.


I’m an avid Monzo user and investor, and I got Starling to be fair and give it a go. I quite liked the UI at first. It looks great, but I didn’t find it as intuitive as the Monzo app. Perhaps that will change down the line, but with me using HSBC and Monzo, I didn’t really want three current accounts open. I look forward to hearing about the closure of my account. Thanks!


Fair enough.


I closed mine as part of the current account switching service about two weeks back. I never got a notification, letter or email to say the account had been closed - I just couldn’t log in on the day of the switch. Poor communication to be honest.


I’ve just had a closure email, with info about reading certain parts of the terms and conditions. Interestingly I could still login to the app so the account was/is actually still active. Not sure what to do from here…


I just wanted to touch base as I had both Starling and Monzo accounts before switching away from Starling ( now a mistake)
I’m very interested in your statement regarding Monzo app being more intuitive. As I now use Monzo routinely I just wanted to hear more about your thoughts on that as I would like to return to Starling


It’s probably just the way that I work, but menus, buttons and animations in the Starling app seem to either be in the wrong place or are unnecessary. There are also missing features on both sides and as they develop, they’ll both match up on the most part (I expect). It’s down to personal preference. Some things impressed me with Starling, but not enough to keep me right now. I’m keeping both Monzo and HSBC right now.


Funny. Monzo scrapped their hamburger menu and switched to a bottom menu bar, I hate it. I’m so much happier with Starling’s hamburger menu.


I am under similar opinion that both banks have a long way to go.
It’s a real shame that Monzo are taking their time with the overdraft rollout and in general are a bit slower in pushing new ideas through the door
But you are right it is definitely a personal opinion when choosing between the two but I do find Starling a little more grown up. Shame I no longer bank with them :roll_eyes:


Conversely, I don’t find Monzo has intuitive as Starling… Maybe thats just a personal preference.


In direct contrast to your post I closed my Monzo account today. I haven’t used it since I migrated to Starling last May. In fairness to team Monzo all it required was a couple of in-app messages. They did ask why I decided to close the account so I provided feedback which they acknowledged (interest paying account, Apple Pay, any overdraft offset by goal savings, much cheaper overdraft, and fee-free foreign ATM use).

But my account was closed within ten minutes.


Good to know, I’m going to shut my Monzo account down, I haven’t used it once since Starling launched.


It would be interesting to find out if they have the same policy as Starling
Once the account is closed you cannot return for at least 12 months


Unless Starling make a complete hash of things, I cannot see me attempting a return to Monzo. Their prepaid proposition - two years ago - with instant spending notifications was unique back then; and while lots of stuff has gone on behind the scenes, to me, it doesn’t really feel like much has advanced since.

Some basic banking facilities have been added, but Starling are ahead on both facilities and value. The only reasons I can see anyone staying with Monzo is:

  • it’s apparent trendiness
  • loyalty/inertia
  • preference of app appearance
  • or it just does what the customer needs


Regardless of what is is: 3,500 people find a good reason to sign up every single day.



The question is, what are they doing with it once they are signed up?


Between you and me, I imagine it’s similar to what somebody does when they sign up to any bank. :shushing_face:


Transfer their DDs using CASS? Add their new card to Apple Pay?