Outages and In-app notifications


I know you can find out if there is an outage via the status page however it would be helpful to have something within the app itself.

Maybe not a push notification, but something at the top like what Monzo does?


I received a push notification about that earlier, pretty impressive. The kind of thing that would be great here.


We do also have an notification in app for outages we experience and will be building this functionality out further as we learn more. In this case we were able to use SMS to send more targeted notifications today to customers who have an active card, meaning we didn’t disrupt those who wouldn’t have been affected today.


I have an active card and I didn’t get an app notification or an SMS.


Problem solved. Thanks, team. :+1:


I didn’t get a notification or SMS from Starling. I got one from statuspage.io but that’s because I signed up myself


Same for me also. I signed up on statuspage.io for email notifications. I did receive an SMS from Starling on 26/06 for a different issue but nothing for today.


Same here


Interesting here as Monzo sent notifications today but Starling didn’t? Any reason why?
Do you use the same tech?


Hi @Drew58 - we used SMS rather than push today. It’s possible some customers didn’t receive an SMS because the issue was actually resolved before all messages were sent and so the distribution was stopped.


@sarah.gilbert I did receive emails as I had signed up. Thank you for your response however the timings of the emails is 2 hours and 20 minutes apart - surely enough time for push notifications to be sent out?
If you want people to have faith in the brand and you are an app based bank then for me push notifications are the first thing then text then email. I feel you have made a little error today unlike Monzo who did use push notifications.


Another outage this evening?
The email notification doesn’t make total sense.

Some of our customers are experiencing card declines at cash points and point of sale this morning (since about 17:45 this afternoon).

Come on guys.


A bit harsh we are all human, and people make mistakes… just let it go…

At least with Starling you get notifications upfront, not a BBC news report the next day or a register report to tell you why your legacy bank broke down…


Might be ‘harsh’ if processing transactions wasn’t a ‘basic’ feature you’d expect from a bank.

If the issue was maps in transactions not working then fair enough mistakes happen but basic features like DD, SO, processing transactions, storing balance details etc you’d expect they’d get it right.


I want to thank you for your feedback and patience yesterday, you helped us to be much closer to the customer experience, and as such we acknowledge that we have learned a lot - including it would be better to communicate by push notifications. I want to reassure you, that from a product point of view, we will be improving our systems to allow us to better communicate service issues in a more timely and relevant way as our customer base continues to scale.


@mozzauk I hope you weren’t referring to my post? I don’t think anyone of the posts are harsh.


@sarah.gilbert I think if you look to use push notifications it will help your organisation a lot. Any feedback is to improve the service you provide.