Our People


Here at Starling, we have a diverse bunch of people helping to build the bank - many from unconventional backgrounds. There’s some great stories about how different members of the team ended up here and we wanted to share some of these with you. :bank:

Our latest story comes from Rory, a software engineer who came from working in property. :house_with_garden:

Read it here. Enjoy!


Thanks for sharing! A very inspiring story.


Thank you for sharing @JamesPratley


I absolutely loved reading this inspiring, human story. Thanks for sharing, Rory and thanks to the Starling team for having the Our People feature. I just love this bank sooooo much!!! Except for the fact that it’s distracting me too much from the dissertation I should be writing!


I have another story to share with you today - it’s from one of our Android developers, Teresa!

You may have seen it a few weeks ago on our social media, but if not, here it is. :slight_smile:


Inspiring story. Love the Our People stories. Thanks again.


We’re hoping to share more soon :smiley:


Again, very inspiring - keep sharing


A really inspiring and interesting article.

I look forward to the time where being female (or race/religion, etc) isn’t something that needs to be highlighted because it’s just the ‘norm’. But in the meantime, it’s good that companies like Starling as breaking down those ‘traditions’.


Who’s next? :grinning:


Here’s another for you all!

Have you read about Funmi achieving her software dreams through Makers Academy and joining us here at Starling? :grin:



Time for another…

Meet Mariam - one of many driven women here at Starling and our very own #WomenTech50 award winner. :trophy:

Find out how Mariam is shaping her career and climbing that elusive ladder in this blog. :woman_technologist:t5: