"Other" on Pulse


Further to my original thread (that is now locked):

Today I have made four transactions. Two are showing in the Pulse and two are grouped under “Other”. Surely that isn’t intended behaviour? I usually see around nine or ten before “Other” pops up.

@StarlingSupport Is there any update on the comments I made in the original thread please?

Pulse Bug?

Hey @danmullen

The 2 transactions that were displayed normally, were they considerably larger than the other 2 displayed as ‘other’?


One was, the other wasn’t (if I remember correctly).


If I can add to this. I reported this issue also the past weekend.

I had 3 separate transactions to the same merchant. (All made within an hour or so of each other)

All three were showing separate entries, when surely it would be better to show them all as one total transaction?


I think the meal deal works better if you buy it all in one go


Hey @danmullen,

That’s odd that Wealthify accurately showed as “Savings” under the name “Wealthify” except for in the Pulse, where it separated into “Wealthify” and “Other” - I agree with you that that’s a bug and all should be grouped together as “Wealthify”! I’ll chat with the team about that as I saw Sarah’s thread from before and that she was discussing with Cristian - will find out what’s happening there.

Quick question for your issue today if you don’t mind - 1.) Are your transactions also with Wealthify or a Marketplace partner, or at other merchants? 2.) For the two that are grouped under “Other” are they from the same merchant or from different merchants? and 3.) Are the transaction labels for those grouped under “Other” super long? (Just trying to see if the bug is Marketplace partner related, or if the issue is from the grouping rules based on the overlapping label logic, due to the length of the transaction labels, etc).


Hi @Megan_Caywood,

There were two Direct Debits, one large (£400) and one small (£5), along with a small transaction at McDonald’s and a £10 cash withdrawal at an ATM. No Marketplace providers involved.

None of the names (labels) were particularly long.

Hope this helps.



Hmm, okay that’s helpful. Which were grouped under “Other” on the pulse?

Thanks again for your feedback! Much appreciated, as always. :slight_smile:


I can’t remember to be honest @Megan_Caywood - it may have been the two lowest values.


All good, thanks for the further clarification there. I’ll look into it with that info to see what I can find out :+1:


That may be the case, but that has nothing to do with my synopsis. (Unless I missed the joke)

But if I spent a few quid getting a pint at a pub,
then spent the next few hours spending a few more quids, getting pints thoughout the course of the same day, I’d expect all them transactions to the same pub, be collated together rather than having individual entries on the pulse.

If that’s not the case by design, could it be considered? I’m sure others have thought this too?


That was part of what I reported in my initial bug report @BenG - hopefully it will be fixed soon :+1:t2:


Spot on :+1: thanks again for reporting the bug!

So to echo Dan, @BenG, there’s two parts to this that we’re looking at: 1.) grouping transactions at the same merchant all together on the Pulse (Dan’s original request and yours listed here as well). The good news there is that we’ve started implementing rules to do just that and to group transactions by merchant in the Pulse. The bad news is that it’s a work in progress- as you can see with multiple purchases from the same Merchant still showing separately sometimes, so there’s still work for us left to do there.

2.) Dan’s latest query around why with two of four transactions were being grouped under “Other” on the Pulse when it seems they should be listed separately. I’m looking into that now - unsure what’s happening there…will keep you posted!


I have made three separate transactions to one merchant, on the same day. Pulse shows me three individual transactions, rather than lumping them together into one.

I’m not sure if this is a bug, but I’d (I would hope I wasn’t the only one) rather that it would lump them together into one transaction, rather than separate.

Kinda misleading pulse view.

Is this normal behaviour? Or is this a bug?


It’s normal. Poor design in my view


Normal behaviour and not a bug. Hopefully enhancements to the Pulse will come.


It’s by design but I reported it a while ago as it’s clearly wrong. In my case I had Wealthify appear as one transaction then three other Wealthify transactions got lumped together under “Other”.