OS Specific Announcements


I got today a message about Apple Pay in my Android app.

It may be worth you looking at being able to send OS specific messages only to the appropriate users


Strange, I never got any message regarding Apple Pay?


Maybe I got the message on my Abdroid because I also have it installed on iOS too


Maybe. Was it a message from customers services in the chat section?


Or maybe stop spamming us with non-essential notifications, eh? Notifications should relate to my activity within my account. Not Starling trying to get me to switch on services they offer.


This times 1 million…

Very few apps get the right to wake my display up - and starling will lose it if notifications are mis used in this way again.


Never got a notification either, and I have the app installed, on both is and Android…

Think people need to get a grip it was by sounds of it one notification, by the sounds of it sent in error to the wrong os type.

Human error happens, unless you all think your perfect…


Starling are working with us to build a market leading account. We know this involves refinement and fine-tuning during this development process. This surely isn’t spam.


It was sent to my ios device - but it was completely unnecessary.


Thanks. I’ll get a grip then.


I think you all need to calm down with this. It sounds as if Starling have sent this out in error or accidental. Especially the apple pay to android devices. There are trying to build a bank and its in beta and a learning curve so we should help by feeding back rather then saying all there doing is abusing the notifications. This is just my personal opinion on the matter.


I’m perfectly calm thank you, I just have boundaries - anything that wakes my phone up with notification spam gets its notification access revoked pronto.