Origin of the Starling name


Just curious. Anyone know how or why the powers that be decided on ‘Starling’ for the name?


I’d be interest to find out. I’m sure @anne will tell us.


Our team liked the concept of a star - It best represents energy, power, light, strength, life.
The ‘Ling’ is newness, growth, future. We thought Starling sounded like a young star, something which is new and will shine brightly. This is reflected in some of our design elements.


Thanks for the info☺Did you or do you work for Starling @Cragmireuk ?


and how do you know that?

“a little bird told me”

a Starling :wink:


Because of my Geordie accent, my colleagues (to whom I would not stop preaching about Starling) assumed for a long time that Starling was actually called “Stalin”. I quickly put them right. Oops.


I made it up. :joy: Only joking, I saw a response on twitter to the same question.


Haha :joy:


I wondered this too.


Would anyone be Putin their money in a bank called Stalin :wink:


I’m not sure about the origin of the “Starling” name but I know they were called “Bank Possible” pre-launch. I’m just happy they decided to change the name!


I’m sure it has nothing to do with the real reason but… having grown up in Stirling, which was formerly often spelled as Sterling and if you go back far enough was often written as Starling.

So for a Sterling denominated bank account the name is why I opened an account here as a test rather than Monzo.


Also may they liked the bird Starling lol :wink: