Ordering a replacement card after damage


I had to order a replacement card today as my chip had gone all rusty (blame cheap Turkish fake wallets) and the numbers wore off extremely quickly.

It still functions for the most part and I can obviously still use it for online transactions but machines were starting to refuse my card so I had to get a replacement.

I found that there isn’t an option in-app to report my card as damaged - just lost or stolen. After speaking to Ewan in-chat, I discovered that the only option was to cancel my card and re-order it.

This doesn’t affect me for the most part as instant in-app provisioning for Apple Pay means that I can use my ‘new card’ straight away for most in-store transactions but it would be nice to continue to use my card until my new one arrives.

When I worked at Barclays, we were able to report cards as damaged and send replacements out so there was an overlap in being able to use the old card until the new one arrived.

Are there any plans to introduce a ‘damaged’ option in-app to prevent situations where you’re not able to make online/physical (non Apple Pay) transactions whilst waiting for a new card?


I really don’t like the idea of cancelling the card while the new one arrives. My cards invariably wear out before they expire and I rely on the fact that Halifax leave the old card running while the new one is on the way.

I frequently work away for weeks at a time, so could be really caught out if they cancelled my card and I’d not got home to collect the replacement. It’s not like you can work out when the new card would arrive and work it in either - my wife and I both got notified that Starling dispatched our cards on the same day but they arrived 3 days apart.


Bad news @Daesimpso… Your wife so hid your card for 3 days so she could play with the new spanky bank first! :wink:

BUT seriously I agree that there needs to be an “Order replacement card” button in the app and the whole working out when they arrive thing can be fixed by shipping notifications (like we already have in fact in Starling!) :slight_smile:


Totally agree @daniel it is very inconvenient to have to cancel your existing card before a new one gets sent out! What sort of system is that? I could not last a few days without a card. Starling need to fix this ASAP.


Agreed. “Damaged” should be an option.


Phrasing! :joy:


It was me who got my card first :slight_smile:

Seriously though, shipping notifications don’t help as I’m assuming when ordering a
replacement card you only find out when it will be shipped after the event. Even then, my wife’s card turning up 3 days after mine proves you can’t predict the delivery date just because you know the dispatch date (ours shipped the same day)


I’ve passed this suggestion back to the team! :slightly_smiling_face: