Order Scheduled Payments by Date


On iOS Pay -> Scheduled I have a bunch of future payments, all of them Goal related.

They are in alphabetical order, which I don’t find to be a useful order at all.

I would think that when people want to see their scheduled payments, they’re interested in calculating some total outgoing expenditure in the next X days/weeks/months, and so date order is the most natural and useful.

Feature request: at least make date ordering an option, and ideally the default.


I’ve got lots of payments set up, it’s actually difficult to work out what is coming out next when you can’t actually see things in date order.


I absolutely agree with this! I really don’t like alphabetical. It doesn’t help at all.

Although I’m not sure how easy it would be, considering DDs can change all the time depending on weekends and stuff.

But if it’s an option, I’d choose date order. Definitely!

(Although it feels kinds weird that I’m picking faults with a screen I’ve never even looked at with other banks! So I should be grateful. :joy: People are never happy! :roll_eyes:)


Another vote for date order as an option. :grinning:


I agree date ordered would be more useful for me


Date order is a definite requirement. Although in the mean time you could number the payments in the order that they will be paid. It may look a bit crap but as a temporary measure it should be OK. Of course if you have direct debits then that option is useless.


And it is a request for Date Order from me too please? :crossed_fingers:


Date order makes more sense to me as well.


Same here! Santander does it in the order in which they were setup which is even more random!


This is on our list :slight_smile:


The challenge here is definitely Direct Debits!
While lots of us will be used to DD that are monthly - adjusted for the weekend - many are not. If I recall correctly, my phone company takes the money a certain number of working days after they send the bill, which Starling would have no visibility of. It would definitely be challenging to set up a model that could adjust for such oddities!

Quick question though; how would you feel about telling Starling how often a particular payment recurs, if we couldn’t figure it out from our own model?
Would the feature you describe above be less useful to you if some dates were estimates, and the actual payment might go a couple of days sooner or later than displayed?

Keen to hear your thoughts! But as @JamesPratley says - it’s on our list!


Hi @kjersti.larsen,

I don’t mind giving Starling a helping hand in saying that I expect the Payments to come out monthly, etc.

As you say some, like PayPal could come out randomly several times during the month! I think ‘last paid’ date is a good start and then work it out from there.

You’re right about the Mobile Phone contracts, I recently changed the date of mine and you have to time the statement date so that the payment will roughly come out when you want, there’s no way of saying that you specifically want to payment to go out on x date without fail. Again, this could be to do with the Direct Debit Guarantee requiring a number of working days between requiring the customer being informed of a change in amount (which is quite often the case for phones, excess charges, etc) and the amount actually being taken.

Hence why the phone provider (EE in my case) aren’t able to specifically say which day.


I think for this particular purpose, accuracy isn’t so important. If I ask “what bills are coming in the next month?”, I’m not bothered if one of them actually end up being debited a few days later than what starling had told me. Indeed, I won’t remember what starling had told me by then.

The ui can make a point about them being estimated dates just to avoid confusion.

And I’ve no problem telling starling the periodicity of my bills. Just be flexible in the ui in letting me tell you. For example, let me say “twice a year”.


Thanks both!


For the majority of direct debits working out when the next one would be due is going to be simple, for example the majority of ISP’s and phone companies bill monthly. So if a payment was due on the 3rd of the Month then you know that it is due on the 3rd of every month. I would assume starling can see the requested date, no matter what date they pay it out, accounting for weekends etc.

All phone companies send bills based on your contract date, they request the direct debit within a certain amount of days from that bill date. Otherwise your monthly fee would be different.

For example my EE is 12th of each month, my Three is 3rd of each month, every statement is dated the same.

Barclays have a sort by Payment date option and a sort by A to Z option although they actually separate direct debits and standing orders in the app and I assume that’s because they can’t easily work out when a direct debit will be paid. I still have a clearer idea of what’s coming up with Barclays than I currently have with Starling, as its simple to click payments by date

Not knowing the exact date isn’t a priority, we don’t know the exact date now. If its due on the 5th of the month, it may come out on the 6th, 7th etc at the moment. It’s only due around that time. So Starling isn’t changing anything if it can’t show an exact date.


I certainly don’t mind specifying to Starling the normal date and how often a direct debit is paid. I think that a disclaimer stating that the dates shown are estimates based on previous payments and/or based on the data given by the user (whichever is relevant) and that we should always check with the company for specific information about direct debit agreements would help to fend off any potential complaints.

I work part-time for a legacy bank’s call centre while I’m studying and a common question is “has X direct debit gone out yet” or “when will Y direct debit come out again?”. I’m very used to explaining to people that I’m simply checking the last time it was paid and using the fact that they’ve said it is monthly to estimate the next time it will be paid but to always check with the company.


You’ve got my vote for listing Scheduled transactions in date order… Alphabetical is an option but date order is far more useful.


I also vote for date order. Much more useful


I would prefer a toggle to change between alpha, date and amount.


Date order would be better for me, but direct debits need to be separate from other payments. It still annoys me that I have to number my Goals so that they appear at the top of the screen but a standing order paid to someone who’s name begins with ‘W’ is languishing right at the bottom.