Order of posting


This may be here somewhere, and I being a newbie just cannot find it (and apologies @LoganAllan for confusing the issue) but personally I would find it easier if posts were logged in reverse order to how they currently appear.

I have discovered the “Unread” facility and then find that the last unread post in that thread is actually at the tail end of the listing, which may result in a long scroll :slight_smile:

Just a thought.



Yes. This is a problem on all Discourse sites (Starling, Tide, Monzo, etc) and particularly when a thread has hundreds of posts!


Thanks @MIROW - I have also just noticed the slider on the right of the thread. So at least I know how far I have still to scroll :frowning: Do I take it that the situation is irrefixable then?


I like it how it is, but know some people prefer it the other way.

You can actually use the slider at the right to scroll right to the bottom really quickly by clicking and dragging down if you want to. So saves you having to scroll through a really long thread.


Ah, didn’t realise that. It does make life a little easier. Thank you. R-


It is not within the power of Starling to fix, but guess if enough people pressed Discourse to change their software they may introduce this option.


Yeah, this is a little annoying when joining the forum - Once you are up to speed though, it’s better (there’s your incentive to stay up on current Starling affairs @RogerB).

But like @daedal, the little scroller allows you to whizz down to the bottom anyway.


Looking forward to more discoveries @nickhoward. R-


A few tips in case anyone isn’t aware:

  • If you prefer the default “home” view to be “Latest” instead of “Categories”, you can set this in your settings (Account > Interface)
  • Tapping on a topic title should always take you straight to the first “unread” reply
  • Instead of tapping on a topic title, if you tap the time since last reply, e.g. “30m” it will take you straight to the last reply, irrespective of if you’ve read the rest or not.
  • When viewing a topic you can jump straight to the bottom (latest reply) in one click, by clicking the time since the last post at the bottom of the time slider, e.g. “2m ago”


Thanks for this, that makes things easier.

Also the other points are really good.

Thank you.

That makes using the forum way easier.


Thanks for the handy tips :+1:t2: