Optional extras


Apologies if this has already been suggested, but I couldn’t find it:

I want to let go of my legacy bank but due to the package I get with it (Green Flag cover Mobile phone cover electrical items and travel insurance) im finding it hard. for the £10 a month I pay its (in my opinion) a good deal.

Does starling either directly or through its market place have any planes for packages like above. Though more modular IE only need green flag so just pay for green flag etc.


I believe the intent it to have things like this offered through the marketplace.

Although I am a legacy Nationwide customer (on the Plus subscription) - I too am working out the value of keeping that account open for the insurances… At the moment, I think I will as I cant find a compelling alternative which is as good value.

In the words of Brexit - I’m doing a ‘soft switch’ to Starling.



There have been a number of threads. This one has aired it quite well.