Option to ignore transfers in Pulse


It would be useful to have an option to ignore transfers between accounts when reporting daily spend in the Pulse. I am trying both Monzo and Starling at the moment and frequently transfer money between the two.

I had a ‘no Monzo, no Starling’ moment this morning and transferred money out then back again a few minutes later. This is now showing as ‘spent today’, whereas in reality I haven’t spent anything.

I’m sure many people have multiple accounts, both current, savings, ISAs, etc., and moving money between then doesn’t really count as expenditure. From the spending insights screen this could easily be dealt with by adding a Transfers category, but they would still show up in the Pulse.

I imagine it would be tricky to distinguish between transfers to your own accounts from those to someone else’s, so perhaps the easiest way to implement would be to have the ability to click into any transaction and check a box to exclude if from the Pulse.

Or I could stop being so indecisive and desist from moving money between Starling and Monzo so often! :slight_smile: