Option to Ignore from "Spending Insights"


I pay my expenses for work through a Credit Card and get paid from my employer to pay off the Corporate Credit Card. This means that for this particular month my spending insight is blown out of the water. Imagine a monthly spend of 1K ish then it jumps to nearly 4k with 3k of that being expenses. is there anything i can do to stop this screwing up my spending insights?

For example it could allow me to tell spending insights to ignore expenses or another category? thus keeping my info in the app but meaning that my personal expenditure is kept unaffected.



Spending - Option to remove transaction (transfer) from Spending Report section

Same goes for when you pay for something and you know (or think) you will get paid next month for it. Like when you buy tickets or book flights for a group then everyone pays you back in dribs and drabs.

This one is a little more complex though, as you might want half of the payment to be counted in spending insights but not the other half? is that possible?


Yes I was just about to post about this. Just booked a holiday for myself and my friends. My spending insights are totally off since I payed for it and then got payed back.

Would be useful if we could ignore a certain payments and also specific percentage of payment.


I love the new update to Spending, however now my “Transfers” show up in the report!

This could be great for some but not for others.

Can you add an option to have Spending ignore some Categories? Maybe a checklist so people can modify to their own needs?

For example I want my spending to show all but Transfers to my savings accounts. Perhaps a new category for Savings so I can keep transfers that are payments?

The reason I am not happy is because I aim to spend around £1000 on things from mortgage to dinners, but now my months look like I spend between £4-6k with various transfers to savings and mine and my wifes joint account. (I would love a starling joint account :wink:)

Anyway I’m sure I’m not the only one! The app isn’t useless yet but its lost some of the functionality that I loved.




Totally agree.

I think like you, but appreciate some may not, so having it as an option is ideal!


In the latest version of the Starling app there are a few new categories, one of which is entitled Savings.


Yeah I’ve seen that, the point I was trying to make is that it would be nice to have “savings” not included in the spending. But I think I went off on a tangent.