Optimise this site for mobiles please?


Screenshots from my iPhone 6S Plus. Both show this site has a way to go before it is useable on a mobile – this from a ‘mobile-first’ bank :joy::joy:


Works fine here for me, both android and iPhone. Hopefully a member of staff can comment :+1:


There is an option to switch to mobile version… check your account settings


Works fine on my Samsung Galaxy (Android) and iPhone 4S…and my Lumia (Windows phone)


Working perfectly on works Windows Phone and my own Android phone. I suggest pressing the option for the mobile version of the forum.


Works fine on LG g5 Android 7.0


Change orientation to landscape instead of portrait that should resolve your problem


works fine on my iphone


Working fine for me on iPhone 7


I have an iPhone 6s and find that when I reply to a post and it goes beyond the box provided the screen doesn’t scroll down to the line you are typing, so you type blind.

Other than that all okay.


Windows phone? What’s that :wink:


They were great, shame Microsoft gave up on them.