Opening A Closed Account


I was wondering what the protocol is for having a closed account re-opened? I have done a search to no avail.

Re opening an account

I would guess a closed account is just what you’ve requested due to Data Protection and Financial regulations and would have to join the queue again and confirm all your details if you’ve changed your mind.

I wouldn’t expect any information online for it because it’s not usually the done thing to close and open financial accounts willy nilly.


This is the error I am presented with once I enter my mobile number from a closed account. It’s the same message if I join the back of the line or try to log in to an already opened account.


Hi Ben, I’m not sure about your account specifically, so I suggest you contact our CS team. You can do this via web chat if you cannot access your app any longer. They’ll be able to respond based on the actual information on your account.


Thanks for your help Sarah. Is web chat going to be available on mobile in the future?


For anyone that is interested, this is the reply I got from CS.

Mobile number stuck on old account

Maybe ask to remove your number so that you can sign up again instead of re-opening a closed account ?


HI folks.

I was the first Starling customer to have their account re-opened a month or so ago. I e-mailed them to request this and after asking a few questions, they removed my profile in order that I could sign up again. :slight_smile:


They definitely have developed this feature - I was the first Starling customer to request this and thus the process was developed at that time.

There were several questions asked, but this was done for me at the end of June. I’d ask again! :slight_smile:


The reply I got from them was on Jul 25. If they’ve re-opened yours before I requested it, maybe I’m not a good customer for them.


I think @BenH that @Chris_Hyder actually got their mobile and old profile removed so they could start a new account.


Yeah they won’t do that for me, I guess :joy:


Give it another ago - I said in my mail that I was ready to switch all my banking over to Starling and they relented. :slight_smile:


With their recent outages, I’m not ready to move over. I know they’re still
a beta but it’ll be my core banking provider and not sure I’m ready yet.


That’s wise.

I completed a partial switch, leaving my existing account open.

The issues that we’ve seen only affect card processing, so there are no issues with direct credits/debits etc.

Let’s hope we get a statement from Starling and see how they’re looking to move forward with the outages we’ve seen recently.


I know this is about re-opening a closed account, but I opened a new one and would like to have my primary mobile number moved over. I didn’t think this thread was relevant, but have been directed over here.

What if I get a new mobile number in the future which was previously associated with a Starling account?!


They won’t re-open our accounts because we didn’t use them, I assume. As someone above had theirs re-opened. I’m really not fussed, so won’t be trying to get back in again.

Pretty sure any other bank account that I may close at anytime would still happily open an account for me. Obviously Starling won’t.


Basically I closed my starling account but jumped too soon. After a little more research I wish to open another account but I am unable to with the same mobile number. Is this going to change at all?



James - is someone able to pick this up off-line?


Perhaps visit and click the live chat button that appears in the bottom right corner, see if CS can help with this.

Good to see you back!