Only ask for payee account descriptions if multiple accounts are detected


Having already entered the display name, first name and last name of a payee, I am also asked to provide an account description. I understand the purpose of this field (it helps to identify multiple accounts under one payee). However, this field seems unnecessary if I only plan to have one account listed for a payee.

I may be sounding pedantic, but what else am I meant to enter in the account description field at this point? Just re-enter their name? I don’t know the name of their bank so I can’t use that.

In short, it simply seems like a superfluous task for my scenario and an extra frustrating step when trying to quickly set up a payee.


Hey @LauraJ. Thanks for the feedback. In an attempt to make it work for lots of use cases we do require an account description, but we also default it to “UK account” so you don’t have to enter anything - are you experiencing an empty field when setting up the payee?

We’ve had feedback in the past that people wanted to set up a description different from the payee name, especially if they were paying for something (like “rent”, "parking, “credit card” etc) even if there is only the one account under the payee. If the defaulted description isn’t working for your use-case it would be great to hear more. Feel free to DM me :slight_smile:


Hi @kjersti.larsen, this does not default to ‘UK account’ automatically. When I try to submit without entering anything, I’m advised that it’s a required field. See screenshot.


Thanks! I’ll pass this on.