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I like viewing my transactions and balance in addition to as mentioned, freezing the card. Moreover monzo has said in the future they will consider adding more features. At the moment, their vision of seeing an alternative mode of access as essential is what is admirable. (similar to n26)

Please can Starling Bank reconsider its decision to

  • exclude an iPad / tablet / Web interface from its offering and consider including them as a back up or alternative method of gaining access to one’s finances.

  • making it possible to receive a replacement card at an address abroad (similar to what monzo does)



I think the main functionality required would be:

  • ability to move money between goals and main balance
  • ability to transfer to existing payees
  • ability to manage card security settings

Which should cover the bases if your phone is for whatever reason inaccessible for a period of time.


Oh, I get why people would want it, and what they would want to do as a minimum.

But @MX4 stated that Monzo had this:

All I was saying was if they were happy with the Monzo web interface, I was wondering why (given that it is extremely limited right now to literally freezing your card and viewing transactions).

It serves very little purpose to what people in this thread have requested (at the moment).


Despite being limited. Its a start. It also shows where they are heading. And monzo has stated they will look to add more features in the future.

I believe its concerning that Starling hasn’t shown any intention so far of anything like this.

Please Starling staff. You have an excellent award winning product with brilliant customer service. Don’t exclude things like Web apps and ipad apps.

Shout out to permitting replacement cards to be sent to an overseas address!


I think if they released a version similar to Monzo’s, it would be criticised as a “copy cat”, with no extra functionality.

The only way they would do something (in my opinion, based on their releases in the past), would be to actually have a semi functioning web experience - Not just a “read only” website.

But who knows what the future brings :slight_smile:


I too would like a web interface, but if that’s your priority, I would say go elsewhere. I’m not saying that in an off-hand manner, it’s just that I don’t see it coming soon.

If Starling were to commit to a web-interface, that’s a whole other code base that they have to keep updated, and dedicate precious resources to.

Sure, they could knock together a simple read-only interface (with no bells and whistles) a la Monzo, fairly easily. But if they do, they’ll have people people complaining the web interface needs more features (or parity with the app), and I just don’t see that Starling is ready (or has the resources) to commit to that anytime soon.

I’d rather they focusing on other features first (including catching up to legacy banks with things like cheque imaging, more advanced search, etc). Then when they have time (or have grown their team) they May choose to build a more fully functional web interface in the years to come.


Anyone else use moneyhub ? just started the trial and you can see all the Starling transactions on your web browser, read only of course, plus all credit cards as well and other banks if you have multiple accounts as do I.


Just to throw my 2p into the pot about this.

I have OCD/anxiety issues, and sort codes+account numbers of payees and things are crippling to me because I get anxiety about mistyping numbers and end up having to double/triple/quadruple check what I’ve inputted into the Starling mobile app to make sure it’s the same. It’s genuinely a problem.

Usually to temper the anxiety, I open the website for Bank A and the website for Bank B (e.g. a savings account) and then copy the account number to my clipboard, switch back to BankA, then do Ctrl+F to highlight what I’ve inputted there matches. This is just so I can be sure that both match (on a desktop computer)

This isn’t really possible on a mobile app as you can’t share a clipboard, so I end up falling down the rabbit hole of double/triple checking and getting anxiety again. This is where a desktop version would help for me.

I know the above sounds very silly, but mental health hits people in different and weird ways and sometimes people adopt coping strategies that work for them!

As an aside, sort codes and account numbers are so awful, I wish there was a better way of sharing that information between entities without involving a human. This isn’t a fault of Starling by any means, but I wish all the banks/payment entities could agree on a better approach. Not sure what that would look like, but hey ho.


Hey @djh - Have you ever tried a password manager? You can store bank details as well, and then copy and paste (on mobile or desktop).

Everytime I need to input my bank details on a website, I always pull it from 1Password (others will do the same).

Makes life much easier!


As you have suggested, there’s a need for a better way. I completely agree.

HumanUnfriendly identifiers of any kind have become a plague in modern society. Why we are in this situation is a very interesting topic (to me) but probably out of scope of this forum post. But very briefly - only lately has there been some light at the end of the tunnel as customer experiences are becoming more relevant in product development.

Your anxiety could be alleviated and perhaps completely eliminated by hiding both numbers behind an easy to recognise representation. It’s basically the same problem as with phone numbers.
Nobody remembers phone numbers any more, because we don’t have to - the phone hides them behind an easily accessible, readable and (cross-platform) shareable Contact.

Perhaps fintechs like Starling etc… could cooperate and come up with a lightweight standard of ShareableAccountNumber which would include the Accountholder’s name and their BankIdentifier and AccountIdentifier.
Having such a ShareableAccountNumber on your phone would allow to dynamically associate it with a locally stored photo of your contact, a cloud sourced bank logo…etc…

Ultimately, somebody would just share their account (via myriad of channels like FB messenger, email, or even direct App->App live share) with you and all you would see would be a nice visual representation - a face or a logo of an organisation nice collated with the bank logo.


Yeah I use 1password for everything.

I’m talking about the scenario where I open say, a savings account with a bank and want to set up a standing order from my current account.

Or today where I was setting up a payment to a relative so needed to copy their bank details into Starling.

Although you’re right, it never occurred to me to put account details into 1password or other service that I can access on my phone, and then use that as a source - thanks for the tip!


Yeah, the scenario I see being really helpful is when I open savings accounts or whatever and they have a page that says like “send money to this sort code/account number”, it would be good if you could just click a button or something and then it sends a thing to the Starling app, like a notification that asks you to confirm you want that payee to be set up and maybe a few other security checks.

A seamless approach would be great :+1: