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I think the balance thing would be to see if you’ve been cleaned out or not. Can’t see any other use for checking balance.


And that is the problem you can’t see the reason why people need to check there balance.

Well I for example don’t keep much money in my Monzo account so needed to check to pay for train tickets, so nothing hypothetical about it, it was a real life situation in which I did not have my phone with me so had to use a laptop to check my bank balance because I only had two cards on me, so needed to know which to use or whether I needed to sort something else out.

I did have enough in my Starling account, but did not know that.


That’s fair enough. If you use Starling as a prepaid card and forget/loose your phone it makes sense.


You are misunderstanding my point.

I understand situations where people need to check their balance.

But I’m under no illusion what Starling are trying to achieve, and what they have set out to do - Make the best mobile banking experience.

If I wanted a fantastic steak meal, I wouldn’t go to a vegetarian restaurant.


That sounded far blunter than I’d intended - Apologies! I also can’t edit due to the iOS bug issue :joy:

I just think that stating multiple examples of where it’s useful is pointless - We all know they exist, and we can all probably think of at least one which would benefit us personally.

But like I said, either Starling take on board the feedback (although I’d imagine it would need a lot more people saying they wanted it), or they stick with what they are doing, and ignore the web side.

That was all :blush:


Would :heart: this so much with my Starling Bank account


Agreed this is definitely what would make me close my legacy accounts and move everything over to Starling. Without a web-based safety-net should the worst happen the risk isn’t worth it.


One of the Monzo community members (@Sherlock) is in the process of building this (unofficial) Mac desktop app for Monzo. I’m currently testing an early iteration and I have to say it’s extremely promising!


I’m completely happy with Monzo’s emergency web interface for now; it was a major reason for my decision to try them out again.

Knowing I can simply login and cancel my card if I loose both my phone and card is awesome!

I think the only fault I can find with it is that clicking for help prompts to send an email; I’d love for it to also summon a live chat window.


Yeap! Great knowing you can have easy access to the very basics of your account, including freezing your card. Hopefully the chat functionality will be be implemented soon, agree the whole email thing is not great.

I think the vision with this unofficial desktop app is to have more functionality than the basics offered on Monzo Web.


Like many having a mobile only App is what stops me using Starling more, I simply couldn’t run the risk that if I lose my phone, break it etc that I couldn’t access my banking.

Starling having released a business account this must be even more of an issue I would think.

Having the option of a basic web interface for simple banking and an iPad app would really help.


Please can Starling Bank reconsider its decision to

  1. exclude an iPad / tablet / Web interface from its offering and consider including them as a back up or alternative method of gaining access to one’s finances.

  2. making it possible to receive a replacement card at an address abroad.

Both of these features are available on Monzo to the delight of their customers. I have both accounts at this moment but my salary currently gets paid into my Starling Bank account and its the one I use currently. I’m hoping Starling Bank can include these features down the line.

I know some people on this forum, for whatever reason are “against” an iPad/Web access but my plea to starling bank is on behalf of those that see an alternative method of accessing their accounts as essential. (like me).

Come on Starling Bank


I don’t think anyone is against it so to speak - But it’s more a case of prioritising the essentials of a mobile platform first.

You mentioned the web interface that Monzo has?

What would you use that for, other than to freeze a card?

As far as I can see, there is zero functionality other than that?


I like viewing my transactions and balance in addition to as mentioned, freezing the card. Moreover monzo has said in the future they will consider adding more features. At the moment, their vision of seeing an alternative mode of access as essential is what is admirable. (similar to n26)

Please can Starling Bank reconsider its decision to

  • exclude an iPad / tablet / Web interface from its offering and consider including them as a back up or alternative method of gaining access to one’s finances.

  • making it possible to receive a replacement card at an address abroad (similar to what monzo does)



I think the main functionality required would be:

  • ability to move money between goals and main balance
  • ability to transfer to existing payees
  • ability to manage card security settings

Which should cover the bases if your phone is for whatever reason inaccessible for a period of time.


Oh, I get why people would want it, and what they would want to do as a minimum.

But @MX4 stated that Monzo had this:

All I was saying was if they were happy with the Monzo web interface, I was wondering why (given that it is extremely limited right now to literally freezing your card and viewing transactions).

It serves very little purpose to what people in this thread have requested (at the moment).


Despite being limited. Its a start. It also shows where they are heading. And monzo has stated they will look to add more features in the future.

I believe its concerning that Starling hasn’t shown any intention so far of anything like this.

Please Starling staff. You have an excellent award winning product with brilliant customer service. Don’t exclude things like Web apps and ipad apps.

Shout out to permitting replacement cards to be sent to an overseas address!


I think if they released a version similar to Monzo’s, it would be criticised as a “copy cat”, with no extra functionality.

The only way they would do something (in my opinion, based on their releases in the past), would be to actually have a semi functioning web experience - Not just a “read only” website.

But who knows what the future brings :slight_smile:


I too would like a web interface, but if that’s your priority, I would say go elsewhere. I’m not saying that in an off-hand manner, it’s just that I don’t see it coming soon.

If Starling were to commit to a web-interface, that’s a whole other code base that they have to keep updated, and dedicate precious resources to.

Sure, they could knock together a simple read-only interface (with no bells and whistles) a la Monzo, fairly easily. But if they do, they’ll have people people complaining the web interface needs more features (or parity with the app), and I just don’t see that Starling is ready (or has the resources) to commit to that anytime soon.

I’d rather they focusing on other features first (including catching up to legacy banks with things like cheque imaging, more advanced search, etc). Then when they have time (or have grown their team) they May choose to build a more fully functional web interface in the years to come.


Anyone else use moneyhub ? just started the trial and you can see all the Starling transactions on your web browser, read only of course, plus all credit cards as well and other banks if you have multiple accounts as do I.